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Stretch Wrapper:

Audion proudly presents the Audion Stretch Wrapper, which belongs to a new generation of machinery to wrap fresh products in a tray or on a plate.

Its strong combination of low price, compact design and easy operation makes this the perfect machine to integrate in the packaging process of contract packers and to use in fresh food sections in supermarkets, butchers, groceries and deli-shops. The ergonomic design of the Audion stretch wrapper enables a comfortable working position. Also, the wrapper requires little maintenance due to its high quality finish. Placing a roll of film and guiding it through the machine is very easy because of its light structure. Furthermore, every step in the wrapping process is very logical, which makes packaging a product very easy. But most important of all, using the Audion Stretch Wrapper results in an attractive and presentable product.

Watch video Handwrapper packaging vegetables