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Flow wrappers:

range of flow wrapping machines, table top and floor models

The AHM range of flow wrapping machines from Audion is ideal for the packaging of individual products. The range starts with a small tabletop flow wrapping machine and goes up to high speed floor models. The product is fed to the machine either manually or automatically, and neatly wrapped and sealed in packaging film.


All the AHM machines are easy to operate and flexible in use. Bag dimensions can easily be changed to suit various package sizes and lengths. The adjustable former allows you to change the bag width without tools. The constantly heated seal bars are suitable for a wide range of packaging materials, such as PP, CPP, OPP, laminated, lacquered and other various complex films.




AHM 380R

Compact servo controlled reverse flow wrapper

AHM 450 - 450E - 550E

Flowwrap machines