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Special Engineering:

Examples of AVM and VMX projects.

Audion can provide a total solution with complete system integration for your packaging needs through its Automatic Packaging System Division. Below you will find examples of some different projects.


AVMS190HS quattro-seal

Stainless steel AVM 190 quattro seal for packaging cereal

AVM190 HS servo sharp corner seal

AVM 190 HS packaging flavoring, herb mixes

AVM 190 HS with double head weigher

AVM 190 HS with linear double head weigher for packaging grain

AVMS350H packing bread buns

AVMS 350H with clipper and rotating table for packaging bread.

AVM 190 HSI extended and inclined

AVM 190, extended to 250 mm and 45 degrees inclined for nails…

AVM 190 Packaging crushed ice

AVMS 190 HSI packaging crushed ice

AVM 190 heat seal version

AVM 190 heat seal for packaging seeds

AVM 190 HS beef jerky (biltong)

AVM 190 HS/H for packing beef jerky (biltong)

AVM 190 HS cough drops

AVM 190 HS for packing cough drops

AVM 450 SERVO gardening soil

AVM 450 SERVO with belt doser for packing gardening soil

AVM 280, 60 degrees inclined model

AVM 280, 60 degrees inclined

AVM 190 HS tear notch

AVM 190 HS for packaging plastic parts

AVM550 packaging cloths

Automatic packaging of cloths with AVM 550 (SP15150)

AVM 280I, 60 degrees inclined for oranges

AVM 280I, 60 degrees inclined for packaging oranges

AVM 280H pig ears

Packaging dried pig ears

AVM 280 multi head weigher packaging lettuce

AVM 280 with conveyor and multi head (14) weigher packaging…

AVM 190HS - Candy

AVM190HS with optimiser and extended conveyor for packaging…

Case studies in PDF

Examples of automatic packaging projects where our machines…

Grated cheese packaging line

example of AVM 280 heat seal, twin scale AIW 2004 and carry-off-conveyor