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Bags from flat film:

Vertical Form Fill Seal machines using layflat film to form a package


Product types: Popcorn, pet food, candy, lemonade, crisps, grated cheese, tablets, assembly parts, seeds, sugar etc.


Packaging Materials: Single reel of PE, PP or laminated film

These machines automatically form a bag, fill it with a product and then seal and separate the finished package. Audion's automatic packaging line consists of vertical, horizontal and sachet/stick packaging machines. The vertical form, fill, sealing (FFS) machines and Sachet machines are suitable for large quantities of free flowing products. The horizontal FFS machine is designed for packaging large quantities of individual products.



Entry model vertical form fill seal machine, max. bagwidth:…

AVM 350 H/I

Large vertical form, fill and sealing machines

AVM 550 H/I Servo

Largest fully automatic vertical form fill seal machine

Special Engineering

Examples of AVM and VMX projects.