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Heat Sealers:

Short heat up time. Suitable for ready-made bags. Capable of sealing PE/PP and Laminates.

Download PDF Tabletop Sealers

When you are looking for a packaging machine to close PE/PP or laminate bags in an easy manner, the Audion heat sealers are suitable for your application.


PowerSealer IST Heat

PowerSealer IST Heat * special *. The Audion IST PowerSealer…

TT sealer

Pedal operated table model. Bi-active profiled sealing bars.

Super Cello

Sealing tong for industrial applications.

Lamino 301

Compact bag closing machine for laminated bags

Futura Portable

Compact sealing tong for small quantities.

Futura Junior

Table model. Suitable for sealing relatively small quantities.…

GPS 200 / 300

Stainless steel heat sealer developed for the retail business