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This table model impulse sealer is pedal operated, so that both hands can be used for sealing. By pressing the foot pedal the seal arm comes down and the machine starts sealing. A green light indicates the sealing time, after sealing and manually cooling the foot pedal can be released. The sealing time of the Sealmaster can be adjusted, depending on the thickness of the foil. When using tube foil, different sizes of bags can be made. The excess foil lengths can be cut off with the shielded cutting device which is integrated in the seal arm. The machine can work with all kinds of thermoplastic foils (polyethylene, polypropylene and thin laminates).

Applications: spare parts, films, CD’s, pens, electronics, etc.


Technical information
421 SA
620 SA
Seal length
± 420 mm
± 620 mm
Seal width
± 3mm
± 3mm
Film thickness
Max. 2x0,2mm
Max. 2x0,2mm
Voltage *
230 Volt/
550 Watt
230 Volt/
700 Watt
Dimensions of packed machine
68x26x30 cm
86x27x30 cm
Weight of machine
± 15kg.
± 19kg.


* The machines are also available in 115V on request
Technical information
421 SA
620 SA
Work table
OTST 421
OTST 621
RL 421
RL 621
Support + foot pedal
SP 421
SP 621
Set of rolls
SR 421
SR 621
Code seal



Download Sealmaster PDF