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Audionvac VMS 1403XXL

This semi-automatic XXL floor model vacuum chamber is suitable for large flat items. Stainless steel housing, accurate, easy to adjust and insensitive for moist, the XXL machine is the packaging solution for many industries: food, automotive, medical, chemical, production plants.


Special features
  • Computer driven impulse sealer, temperature controlled
  • Programmable , 9 programs
  • Electronic/digital panel
  • Pneumatic lid
  • Push-button to open the lid
  • Roller conveyor (not motorized)


 Technical specificationsAudionvac VMS 1403 XXL
 Seal width 3,5 mm double seal
 Seal bar configuration 
 Net seal bar length 1300 mm
 Absolute chamber size (lxwxh) 1300 x 1400 x 140 mm
 Machine dimensions (lxwxh) 1530 x 1500 x 1390 mm
 pump capacity 300 m³/h
 Power supply 400 V - 3ph - 50 Hz
 Power consumption 7000 W
 Air pressure

 >6 bar