Dear Audion customer,

In times like these where the Coronavirus has become part of both our personal and business lives, we all have to find our way in dealing with this. We sincerely hope that you and your families are safe and well. Audion Packaging Machines wants to be as helpful as possible and would like to inform you how our branches operate these days in order to provide our staff and clients with as much safety and security as possible. We kindly ask you to read the following questions & answers that we have prepared in this regard:

Q: What has Audion Packaging Machines undertaken for its employees to avoid the Coronavirus as much as possible?

A: Our employees work at home as much as possible. If sales, service or production require occupation at work, a rotating schedule has been made in order to guarantee continuity of our business. Naturally this schedule is in fully accordance with the COVID-19 guidance that has been set up by the Dutch government, like social distancing and no entrance for external parties unless it is vital for our business operations

Q: When can we be reached?

A: You can reach us from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 AM until 5.00 PM.

Q: How can you be in contact with us?

A: Besides social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and our website), you can email and (video) call us as usual. Employees who work at home can be reached directly because they all have access to our Audion network and their direct telephone numbers have been forwarded.

Q: Can sales and sales support still continue as usual?

A: Yes it can. All our staff members of customer service and (international) sales are fully equipped to be of service to you. Despite the fact that our showrooms are closed now, the majority of the communication goes via (video) calls and for example FAT’s take place online as demo’s.

Q: Will COVID-19 have an impact on delivery times?

A: We are pleased to inform you that at the moment delivery times have not been affected by COVID-19 and that our production stock will be sufficient for the future. We monitor this situation actively, but there is a chance that it may take our suppliers longer to deliver parts or the risk of a temporarily decrease in available production staff.

Q: What to do if your machine(s) break(s) down?

A: Our service technicians can be reached and work via ‘the electronic highway’ ( In case of an emergency -more specifically: when a machine breaks down and this causes a discontinuity of your business- you can contact our service department directly and they will address the situation together with you.

We wish you all the best and please take care of yourself and the people around you. Be safe.

Kind regards,

Eugene Tangelder

Managing Director