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Polythene LDPE bags

Polythene bags for repackaging and/or product bundling, convenient for versatile use. The bags are transparant and have a bottom seal. They are 100% recyclable and come in white boxes. All LDPE bags are food safe. Thickness 50 micron (medium strength).

Polythene LDPE bags


Audion LDPE bags

50 Micron polythene bags are ideal for warehouse and industrial packaging. These LDPE bags are medium strength and have a clear appearance, ideal for storing and presenting products and protect your productfrom moisture and dust.

The bags are transparant and have a bottom seal. Strong bags manufacturered from low density 50 micron polyethylene. They are 100% recyclable and are supplied in white dispenser boxes to prevent wastage and help you keeping your work area tidy.


Polythene LDPE bags give you as end-user the following benefits

The packaged product is clearly visible

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Dedicated to have a high customer value and customer satisfaction which are of great importance to our success.


The door is always open, a business approach from fresh angles, and consistently present products with demand-driven innovations.

LDPE bags in use

These bags are ideal when you are looking for user-friendly manual packaging.



The ready-to-use audiothene LDPE bags are often used in combination with Audion's manual table top sealers. Ideal for packing products in warehouses, offices or packing food products.

These LDPE bags are convenient to use. Strong & clear, ideal for bundling our products.
Caroline Gerlach Warehouse manager

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