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Vulgoten voor Pandyno

The Pandyno works with a filling chute covered with tube film. Chutes are available in different sizes depending on the size of the product that needs to be packed, and the width of the tubular film.

Vulgoten voor Pandyno


Vulgoten voor Pandyno

Filling chutes for the Audion Pandyno, available in six different sizes from 8 to 30 cm. Easy to install. Multiple sizes of chutes can be mounted on the Pandyno to switch rapidly.

The Pandyno works with a filling chute. These filling chutes should be covered with tube film (manually). The products are filled via the chute into the bag, the size of the chute depends on the size of the product that needs to be packed.


Please see below more specifications of the Audion chutes for Pandyno

Article numbers:
PD K08 | PD K10 | PD K12 | PD K15 | PD K20 | PD K30
Internal dimensions:
8 39 x 29 mm | 10 59 x 26 mm | 12 77 x 31 mm | 15 93 x 31 mm | 20 129 x 50 mm | 30 197 x 68 mm
Length filling chute:
650 mm
Length of pipe liner:
approx. 15 m
Stainless steel

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Everything-under-one-roof, match the Audion Pandyno with Audion tube film

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