Powersealer: the number one solution for packaging food products


This article looks at the characteristics and unique features of the Powersealer and how the product comes into its own in the packaging of end products, semi-manufactured products and raw materials in the food products market.

Our vision for packaging in the food industry

Food safety is gaining in importance. Consumers are becoming increasingly critical and errors can have a significant impact on a company’s reputation; whilst on the other hand, the number of links from manufacturer to end consumer is only increasing. Packaging is an important aspect within food safety. Packaging needs to protect food products against external influences, helping to combat decay in the process. Packaging also contributes to the perceived quality of the product. With its Powersealer, Audion Packaging Machines is providing a high-quality and tried-and-tested system for packaging food products.

Powersealer versus vacuum chamber

The Powersealer is mainly used when packaging food products that don’t require a high vacuum. A high vacuum is a vacuum of almost 100% and the Powersealer packages products under a vacuum of 30% to 40%. To create a high vacuum, Audion Packaging Machines has solutions in the form of vacuum chambers. The choice between a high vacuum and low air packaging is mainly to do with the food product, semi-manufactured product or raw material that’s to be packaged. Certain products are not suitable for packaging in high vacuum using vacuum chambers. The removal of all oxygen would distort a soft or fragile product in such a way that it would become unsellable and therefore worthless. Packaging and vacuuming with the Powersealer is also quicker than in a vacuum chamber. The Powersealer is often used for the bag-in-box and big-bag packaging of products.

Versions of the Powersealer

Twelve different versions of the Powersealer exist specifically for packaging food products. Each Powersealer comes in three different sizes: 520 mm, 720 mm or 1020 mm wide. Larger sizes are available on request. The Powersealer comes in a version with a nozzle for vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging (MV version) and without this nozzle for just sealing (IST version). The Powersealer comes with an impulse-controlled sealing wire as standard but is also available with a temperature-controlled sealing system (MED version). Especially important for the food industry is that the Powersealer always comes in stainless steel. Also available in IP65 and heat seal versions.

Powersealer with temperature-controlled sealing system (MED version)

The Powersealer with temperature-controlled sealing system is perfect if there is a need for a validated sealing process and a constant quality. In the food sector in particular, we can see that there is plenty of demand for validated sealing processes and a constant seal quality. The majority of the Powersealers we’re allowed to supply to manufacturers in the food industry have a temperature-controlled sealing system. When packaging food products in liquid or powder form, the surface of the seal may become contaminated (which may affect the sealing process). By using a temperature-controlled sealing system, it is still possible to achieve a constant seal quality.

A few benefits of a temperature-controlled sealing system rather than an impulse-controlled sealer include:

  • Constant seal quality regardless of who is operating the sealer
  • Constant seal quality for materials that are difficult to seal
  • Constant seal quality for products that could contaminate the seal (such as powder)

Vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging

The vacuum and modified atmosphere process involving nitrogen, oxygen or carbon dioxide nitrogen, for example, takes place in the Powersealer by means of a single nozzle integrated in the machine. This nozzle comes in a range of sizes, depending on the required solution.


Audion Packaging Machines is able to develop fully customised Powersealers, in terms of both dimensions and technology. The widest Powersealer we were allowed to develop for one of our customers was two-and-a-half metres wide! However, a great deal is also possible in the area of filter solutions (water separation/powder separation), seals and different pump system capacities, for example.

Powersealer USPs:

  • Proven quality in a food environment
  • Different sizes (520 mm, 720 mm and 1020 mm, other sizes on request)
  • Validated sealing process possible
  • Calibration possible
  • Easy to operate
  • All models made of stainless steel
  • Extensive customisation possible
  • Heatseal design available

Powersealer Purchasing Process

You are of course very welcome to visit our showroom or one of our 65 dealers for further information and a demonstration. Because the packaging sometimes requires more customised solutions, we regularly visit production locations to get a more accurate picture of packaging problems.

Audion Packaging Machines

Audion Packaging Machines was founded in 1947 and is a manufacturer of machines for packaging solutions. Our head office is located in the Netherlands and has production locations in the Netherlands and Germany. With a global network, we are represented in more than 65 countries. One of the unique features of Audion Packaging Machines is that, unlike other machine builders, we manage all engineering and production in-house. The advantage of in-house engineering and production is that, in addition to a wide standardised product range, we are also able to develop very customer-specific packaging solutions.

If you want to find out more about the Powersealer and what it can do for you, please contact one of our account managers or see www.audion.com/sealing-closing/powersealer-overview/