Audion Packaging Machines in restaurant kitchens


Our machines are in use everywhere, including in restaurant kitchens. We had the privilege of visiting renowned chef Alain Caron in one of his successful restaurants in Amsterdam. There, we spoke with him about his great love for cooking, his restaurants and the role our machine plays in his kitchen. Our conversation took place at Café Caron, the family restaurant run by Alain Caron and his sons David and Tom. It’s a spot at the heart of Amsterdam where you always feel at home, even if you don’t know a soul.

In his restaurant, Alain Caron uses an Audion Packaging Machine Vacuum chamber of the type Audionvac VMS 153. With its stainless-steel vacuum chamber, this model is suitable for sealing food items.

An extra cook in the kitchen

If you ask Alain Caron, the vacuum machine is like having an extra cook in the kitchen. This is because of its reliability, but also because of its versatility. The machine can be used in a variety of ways, both for preparing dishes and preserving foods.

Preparing dishes using the sous-vide method:

Sous vide is a French term meaning ‘under vacuum’. It is a cooking technique in which food, often in combination with herbs and spices, is first vacuum-sealed. Next, the entire ‘package’ is slowly cooked through in water heated to a constant, low temperature. This controlled method of preparation ensures steady and even cooking, resulting in a unique texture and flavour once the food is done.

Preserving foods

Our vacuum machine can, of course, also be used to prolong the shelf-life and freshness of various foods. The primary reason that food loses its texture and taste over time has to do with oxygen. This vacuum system removes approximately 99 per cent of air from the packaging (depending on your particular vacuum device). Most microbes are unable to multiply when the oxygen level is 5 per cent or less.

When you watch this video, do not forget to turn subtitles on!