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L 800 SA

Semi Automatic L-Sealer

ideal for wider items up to 600 mm

Outstanding performance and efficiency

The Audion L 800SA is of European durable quality and is known for its flexibility and high user convenience in sealing and wrapping (wider) products with maximum dimensions of 830x600x300 mm (these dimensions are not possible simultaneously).

This L-sealer can also be used in conjunction with our separate shrink tunnel TM 30 that allows you to shrink wrap items up to 600 mm wide.

In the process, the ideal parameter recipes of up to 6 different products can be stored in memory, allowing a quick switch between different batch packaging operations with minimal production errors. For thin film types an adjustable shrink delay time is available. 


The automated sealing cycle and built-in output conveyor ensure optimal production performance and direct transit to an optionally connected shrink tunnel.

To ensure a sustainable work posture, the ideal operating height can be adjusted to provide an ergonomic workplace. A waste wrapper automatically rolls up residual film to keep the work environment neat and safe.

To sum up:

  • Can be combined with the Audion TM 30 - shrink tunnel for wider items up to 600 mm
  • Ideal solutution for PVC, PO (Polyolefin), PE (Polyethylene) films types
  • Automatic transfer of the product to the shrink tunnel.
  • Working height sealer and tunnel adjustable.
  • Scrap film winder.
  • Adjustable shrink delay time - ideal for thin film types.
  • 6 recipe memory
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This makes our machine unique

We work together with you in providing the best quality packaging machines to help you grow your business

Size matters

L 800 SA is the biggest solution of the Audion L-sealer range and enables the processing of larger/wider items with a width up to 600 mm effortlessly. 

Optimized output

Program up to 6 ideal parameter recipes to quickly switch between different product batches to minimize production time losses and guarantee high quality end-results continuously.


The automated sealing cycle packs your products quickly and safely, and the integrated conveyor provides direct discharge to a connected shrink tunnel or next step in your packaging process.

Also ideal for thin film types

This L-sealer is ideal for PVC, PO (Polyolefin), PE (Polyethylene) films types. When packaging with a thin material you can use the adjustable shrink delay time to ensure the best packaging end-result. 

Flexible operation features of the Audion L 800 SA

By connecting the optional shrink tunnel to this L sealer you create a full seal shrink packaging line designed to increase your productivity up to 900 packs per hour*.

No extensive training is necessary, the large easy to read LCD screen guides you easily through the various programs:

  • Semi-automatic operation via push button or foot switch or
  • Fully automatic with PLC controlled timer


* The stated speed can change according to the product size, the pack collation and the type of film used.

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The Audion L 800SA gives you as end-user the following benefits

User-friendly control panel:
Machine information, counter, sealing temperature settings, conveyor speed, automatic cycle mode setting, 10 operating recipes can be stored, and failure codes indication
Accomodates large/wide products:
Can process larger/wider items with max dimensions of 830x600x300 (LxWxH). (These dimensions are not possible simultaneously).
High productivity:
The semi-automatic seal frame together with the integrated motorized discharge conveyor enable an optimized production output.
Smooth production flow:
Can be operated semi automatically via push button or foot switch. Can also be operated fully automatic with PLC controlled timer
High quality seal:
Closed-circuit liquid-cooled sealing bars, ensure consistent seal quality independent of the operator
Easily combined with shrink tunnel
High ergonomics:
Height-adjustable work table to facilitate the ideal work height
Mobile product-holding plate:
Not attached to the film reel support; this allows a better adjustment of the film to the pack size and limites the waste of film.
Build and design to minimize power consumption
Safety features:
Emergency stop push button

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Audionvac VMS with Audion film

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Explore our options

Customize your L 800 SA to fit it to your needs

AC 2000 4 Conveyor

A discharge conveyor can be installed directly behind the L 800 SA L-sealer or behind your TM 30 shrink tunnel. This 2-meter long flat belt conveyor with sturdy design and epoxy housing is suitable for heavy-duty applications

TM 30 Shrink Tunnel

Combine your L 800 SA with a TM 30 shrink tunnel for a complete shrink wrapping packaging solution. The accurately adjustable tunnel temperature, airflow and throughput allow the TM 30 to perfectly suit the ideal packaging conditions of your Polyolefin or Polyethylene shrink film.

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Do you want to know what the Audion VM 203 can offer for your company? Please feel free to contact us as we are looking forward to explore together which packing solutions benefits you most.

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International Sales

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