Speedpack Hybrid packaging machine in the E-fulfilment sector

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If you are looking for a more efficient packaging process, Audion’s packaging solution incorporates packaging solutions that normally require multiple machines into a single packaging machine. This is the Speedpack Hybrid: a flexible machine that can be customised to meet your requirements. In the article below, you can read about all the possibilities offered by the Speedpack Hybrid.

Don’t sell drills, sell holes

The Speedpack Hybrid is essentially a great solution for labelling, filling, counting and sealing bags, in short: packaging. For us, the fact that the machine can do all this is a given. At Audion Packaging Machines, we prefer to work together with our customers on increasing the efficiency of their packaging process through flexible solutions. These discussions are therefore about cost savings, process optimisation that leads to greater efficiency and what role our machines can play in ensuring the continuity of business processes.

Speedpack Hybrid offers flexible E-fulfilment solutions

The Speedpack Hybrid is the most flexible packaging machine in the world. This ultimate flexibility proves its value in the high-mix & high-volume E-fulfilment market. When we talk about key differentiator flexibility, it is built on a number of aspects:

  • Variable bag length (layflat tubing)
  • Packaging from bags on a roll is also possible (therefore hybrid)
  • Optimal connectivity for external peripherals
  • High quality and reliability (heavy-duty/peak load)
  • Machine specific and very user-friendly software via touchscreen on the machineorderfulfilment
  • Machine can be expanded with more than 80 market/demand-specific Audion solutions that are fully integrated in the software and can be switched on/off via the touchscreen.
  • Machine can be ordered fully customised (special engineering).

The Speedpack Hybrid is able to work with both fixed and flexible bag lengths (using layflat tubing).This has an immediate positive effect on the amount of material required per package and results in considerable savings in material costs. But flexibility goes further than just the way something is packed. Each Speedpack Hybrid can be equipped with more than 80 market/requirement-specific solutions at Audion Packaging Machines, such as construction sizes, printers, conveyors, product supports, robotics or sensors for almost any purpose.

Each upgrade is fully integrated (hardware and software) with the machine, ensuring optimally tuned configurations and maximum up-time. Despite all these possibilities, it may happen that users operating in the E-fulfilment sector need even more flexibility and may be looking for very specific customised solutions. Because Audion Packaging Machines develops the Speedpack Hybrid entirely in-house, both the hardware and the software, any kind of customisation is possible.

Envelopes, fixed bags, flexible bag lengths or fully customised packaging solutions.

In general, there are four solutions for packaging in flexible material.

  • LDPE shipping envelopes (fully manual packing)
  • Semi-automatic packaging of layflat tubing: each bag has the ideal size for the product to be packed
  • Semi-automatic packaging in bags on a roll: each bag has the same size
  • Automatic packing on side-sealing machine

LDPE envelopes

When using LDPE envelopes or pre-perforated bags on a roll, the dimensions are fixed, of course depending on the size of the envelope or film roll used. Packing in shipping envelopes is a completely manual process and is therefore very labour-intensive.

Semi-automatic pre-perforated bags

Packing with pre-perforated bags on rolls is a semi-automatic process and therefore less labour-intensive. When pre-perforated bags on a roll are packed, the film is automatically fed in and sealed on one side (top) after the filling process.

Semi-automatic packaging with layflat tubing

Semi-automatic packaging with layflat tubing involves a variable bag length. The length of the packaging is variable because both the top and bottom are cut off and sealed. The length of the packaging therefore corresponds to the size of the product to be packaged.

Automatic side sealing

There are also automatic packaging machines for fully customised packaging (side sealing machine), in which case the sealing and cutting takes place around the product. This way of packaging is expensive in terms of machine investment, and there is also a lot of material loss. These machines often have a higher capacity. The film (half-tube film: film opened/doubled on one side) is loaded into the machine and all residual material is punched (cut) around the product. This type of automatic side-sealing machine also has another disadvantage: for products that are packed singly or in a limited number (stacked 2 to 3 max.) it works very well, but if more stacked units are supplied, they cannot be processed due to the limited height of the product in transit and instability of the stack of products to be packaged.

Flexibility with Speedpack Hybrid

The Speedpack Hybrid works with both fixed bag length and flexible bag length (i.e. hybrid). This ensures the necessary flexibility, but also the optimum ratio in terms of costs, application possibilities and material savings. In addition, our customers save space because the hybrid (fixed bag on roll & flexible layflat tubing packaging) character actually combines two machines into one.

In addition to packaging flexibility, the Speedpack Hybrid is also ideal for identifying the packaging. This concerns printing, labelling and/or coding the packaging.

  • Printing and Labelling of the packaging
  • Coding of the packaging

Printing versus labelling

Printing and labelling serve the same purpose: identification of the packaged product and providing the packaging with the correct shipment information. Proper identification is of course important in the logistics process. The Speedpack Hybrid can be equipped with equipment for both printing and labelling. Some customers prefer printing, others labelling. Based on the quantity, packaging material and logistics, we determine together with our customers what the Speedpack Hybrid can best be equipped with. We also keep a close eye on developments when it comes to future developments in the field of coding, so that our machines can communicate optimally with the warehouses’ ERP systems.

Coding (next bag out)

Next bag out is about producing bags that are simultaneously supplied with the coding. The Speedpack Hybrid performs two processes simultaneously, namely: customising the flexible bag (layflat tubing) and printing the shipment information on the bag. Therefore, no valuable time is lost in the process. With some packaging systems, you will see that these two processes are separate, which reduces the packaging capacity per hour. In addition, this method of (next bag out) coding ensures 100% certainty of the correct coding on the packaging.

Speedpack Hybrid as E-fulfilment solution


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Are you looking to replace multiple machines with the Speedpack Hybrid, but you don’t want to compromise on the number of packaging methods? If so, the Speedpack Hybrid is the solution for packaging and direct integration in your E-fulfilment environment. Want to find out what the Speedpack Hybrid packaging machine can do for you? Our account managers will be happy to tell you, but you can of course also find all the specifications on our website.