Packaging machines for small coffee sellers and coffee roasters

In the first article of our series about coffee packaging, we address how coffee is packaged at smaller coffee shops, specialist shops and smaller coffee roasters in particular. They often deliver directly to the consumer or small business user; craftsmanship and perceptions are key here. These coffee packagers are producing up to a maximum of 30 packs an hour. In this article, you can read which packaging machine we recommend for this group of coffee packagers.

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Increase in specialist coffee sellers and coffee roasters thanks to the popularity of coffee

There has been enormous growth in coffee shops with baristas for several years now. This is because consumers are demanding more special tastes and methods of preparation. And the culture is changing too: we enjoy drinking a cup of coffee away from home. Additionally, customers want to know who is supplying their coffee and they are ready to pay a little more for that knowledge about sourcing and sustainability. The rise of the specialist coffee shops and changing customer wishes are also leading to growth in small, independent coffee roasters; there are already hundreds of this type of specialist coffee roaster in the Netherlands. In short: consumers and other business end users have been finding their way increasingly over recent years to smaller roasters or coffee sellers offering specialist products. The coffee packaging also has an important role in the brand experience.

“Packaging is more of an aesthetic aspect at smaller roasters and specialist shops, and an integral element of the overall product”

At these smaller roasters and coffee specialists, the packaging plays a key role. Whereas the primary role of the packaging for the big players in the coffee market is conservation (keeping the product fresh) or efficient transport and its role in the brand experience is subordinate or at best equal, we get a different picture from the smaller specialist shops and coffee roasters. Because coffee is supplied to the end user in smaller quantities, the shelf life of the product is less important. After all, the coffee product is already at its final link in the chain from producer to end user; the quantities are smaller and it is consumed more quickly. For larger suppliers, there are other stages in between, such as a wholesaler or supermarket. Because keeping the product for a longer time is less important (in terms of freshness), the packaging is above all an aesthetic aspect that is aimed at increasing the brand value.

A traditional or craftsmanlike look and feel increases the brand value and complements the coffee experience perfectly.

At smaller roasters and specialists, we see a lot of packaging where attention has been paid to the image. This type of packaging is mostly suitable for smaller quantities of coffee. Beans in particular, as well as ground coffee, are packaged in quantities from 250 grams to for example 500 or 1000 grams. The quantities of coffee being packed are smaller numbers of units, ranging for just a single pack to at most 30 per hour. We recommend that our customers in this sector, packaging these kinds of numbers per hour, should use a manual sealer. The manual sealer produces a heat seal. A good example of this is our Audion 150 C

Spotlight on a manual coffee sealer – the Audion 150 C

The Audion 150 C is a portable sealing tong that is exceptionally well suited to smaller coffee shops and coffee roasters.

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Manual coffee sealer – why Audion’s 150 C?

Many of the smaller coffee sellers and roasters are looking for sealing devices that fit in seamlessly with the number of items they produce daily. They are not looking for a machine that can produce up to 1000 seals a day. The 150 C manual sealer fits the needs of these businesses perfectly.

Packaging coffee efficiently and simply

In addition to the standard version of this manual sealer, it is also possible to add various accessories. To improve production efficiency, it is possible to use a foot pedal together with the 150 C.

On top of that, Audion offers a solution to allow the manual sealer to be used at any moment. Our suspension bracket means that the manual sealer is within reach at all times, without the hot sealer being capable of creating dangerous situations.

Audion’s packaging machines guarantee you quality and service

At Audion Packaging Machines, we provide a constant level of quality: every machine is made from materials that comply with European legislation. This is what makes us different from the cheaper manual sealers that are offered on the market. And the fact that we’re able to guarantee a constant level of quality is the reason why we also offer service worldwide!

Curious how coffee roaster Fascino packs fresh coffee with the Audion band sealer? Watch the video and the accompanying story

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