Packaging in the medical sector with the Power Sealer 720 Plus

packing medical supplies

How do you pack medical instruments and protective equipment? Theodor shows you how the Power Sealer 720 Plus from Audion Packaging Machines is used in the medical sector. From our production facility, he talks about the different technical aspects and the possibilities of the Power Sealer, which meets all conditions and standards set by the medical and pharmaceutical markets. Watch our video and see for yourself how easy the Power Sealer works.

Medical packaging machines at Audion Packaging Machines

Theodore is responsible for the Life Science & Healthcare division within Audion. That is why he recorded a series of three videos during the COVID-19 pandemic in which he explains how Audion packaging machines are used in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. In this series, he shows how various medical devices are packaged, especially now that there is an increasing demand for this, in a time where markets worldwide are disrupted.

“We have found new ways to adapt to the new global challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you want to pack medical protection material in different packaging and keep it sterile or prevent contamination? Does your packaging process require a high degree of hygiene? In this video series I will show you how we package medical protective equipment and medical tools and how our machines are used by pharmacists.”

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Validatable sealing machine for medical packaging

Do you want to seal packages with the possibility of vacuuming? Our strong industrial Power Sealer is particularly suitable for sealing and vacuum packaging. Theodore talks about the possibilities and efficiency of the machine:

“This is the validatable Power Sealer 720 Plus. It is a strong, industrial Power Sealer, which comes with or without a vacuum tube. Depending on the machine settings, you can process up to 600 cycles per hour. ”

New generation of professional sealing devices

The sealing of the packaging is validatable by the software supplied with the Power Sealer 720 Plus. This makes the machine particularly suitable for the high hygiene requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

“The advantage of this new generation of machines is that they are equipped with bi-active 8 mm sealing bars. The machine is also equipped with user-friendly software that allows you to accurately check and monitor all parameters of your packaging process. These data can be stored and made accessible to various users by using passwords. ”

Would you like to know more about the Power Sealer 720 Plus or other machines that can be used in the medical or pharmaceutical industry?

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