Packaging Medical Protective Equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic is placing particular strains on medtech and pharmaceutical companies, which are dealing with the effects of the outbreak on their organizations while trying to meet unprecedented demand for personal protective equipment, diagnostics, ventilators, medical devices and medications.

If you need a semi-automatic packaging machine to package health kits, the Speedpack Tabletop is an excellent solution.

The Speedpack Hybrid is an automatic bagging system, which provides an easy and economical method for filling and sealing bags containing a wide variety of medical products and pharma applications. In the video below we will demonstrate how to package medical face masks for battling COVID-19. The Speedpack is available in a validatable version, specifically designed for pharmaceutical and medical companies.

Helping healthcare systems, pharmaceutical producers and medtech companies overcome their packaging issues will be top priority and focus of Audion Packaging Machines for the upcoming months.

Interested in what other possibilities Audion packaging machines can offer in the fight against the Corona virus?

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