Form, fill, sealing spices at Yona Spices & Sauces

Audion AVM 190 packaging spices in 200 gram or 1 kg bags

AVM 190, automatic form, fill, sealing machine equipped with hopper, auger filler and carry off transport belt, to pack different spices at Yona Spices & Sauces.

200 gram bag

  • Product: different spices
  • Bag weight: 200 gram or 1 kg

The company Yona Spices & Sauces, Weesp, The Netherlands:

After a careful work in a modern mill, the herbs are packaged immediately, by using this method the herbs retain their taste and smell.

Storage is extremely important, Yona Spices has conditioned storage rooms where temperature and humidity can be monitored appropriately.

Yona Spices have a HACCP food safety certification by DNV, a kosher certification by PIG Amsterdam and they work according to the Halal guidelines. Regularly their products are tested on components as bacteriological purity and composition. This is done by an independent institute BDW Almere.