Audionvac floor model validatable

  • Complies to ISO 11607-2 validation requirements for sealing.
    • Critical process parameters to be controlled and monitored:
      • Vacuum / gas level
      • Seal temperature
      • Seal time
      • Seal force
    • Automatic stop of cycle if one of the critical parameters has exceeded alarm limit.
    • Critical process parameters can be calibrated.
    • Seal data can be logged and exported to PC via USB stick.
  • Equipped with accurate Audion Temperature Controller (ATC).
  • Equipped with user friendly touchscreen interface.
  • Access level controllable by login passwords for different user levels.
  • Bi-active seal bars
  • Seal width 8mm


  • Gas flush
  • Multicycle
  • User administration function with personal passwords.
  • Calibration
  • Temperature meter for seal temperature verification (ATM)
  • Force measuring device for seal force verification (AFMB)

More features

  • Number of sealbars: 2
  • Machine dimensions (WxDxH): depends on model
  • Chamber dimensions (WxDxH): depends on model
  • Effective chamber dimensions: depends on model
  • Effective sealbar length: depends on model
  • Vacuum level: 25-700 hPa
  • Gas level: 75 – 700 hPa
  • Seal temperature: 100-240 °C
  • Seal time: 0.8-10.0 sec
  • Seal force: 600-1000 N
  • Power supply: 380-400V-13ph-50/60 Hz
  • Air supply: 0.3 MPa (3 bar)

Available validatable floor models are: VM 203, VM 303, VM 243, VM 273, VMS 233, VMS 253, VMS 263, VMS 283, VMS 333, VMS 503, VMS 883


ProductAudionvac floor model validatable
Seal lengthup to 1090 mm
Seal width8 mm
Position of the sealing bar
Depends on model
Effective chamber size (LxWxH)Depends on model
Type of machine
Validatable/calibratable/medical, Vacuum chamber
CoveringStainless Steel
Pump capacityDepends on model
Type of filmPA/PE
Thickness of film2 x 150 micron
Type of packageBag
Branche/ApplicationMedical & Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Industry, Laboratories

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