15 mm wide sample cutter set

This is a special twin blade cutter for easily cutting out 15mm wide specimen for peel test. The blades are fixed on the sides of an anodized aluminum block. The sharp blades are covered by the plastic protection plate which prevents damaging the blades as well as injuring your fingers. To use the cutter, simply press the blades against the sealed material on the cutting mat. 

The cutter comes together with a 140 x 228mm cutting mat, 10 spare blades and a blade replacing tool.


ProductSample cutter
Seal length-
Seal width-
Type of machine
Sample cutter, IQ/OQ, Measuring device
Pedal operated-
Type of filmMedical Industry, Medical Film
Thickness of film2 x 200 micron
Type of package-
Branche/ApplicationPharmaceutical Industry, Medical Industry
Type of product

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