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Semi-automatic tray sealers with unique MAP-technology

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Quality without compromis

The Audion AMAPS is a semi-automatic and user-friendly MAP tray sealer for small and medium sized production. It uses an innovative gas flush process to produce a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in a rapid period of time, 3 times faster than its competitors. 

After inserting the filled trays and closing the drawer, everything continues automatically, from evacuation, optional gassing with protective atmosphere, to sealing and precise contour cutting of the trays.

The AMAPS traysealers are popular for efficient and reliable packaging of food, medical and pharmaceutical products, as well as industrial and consumer items.

To sum up:

  • High output of trays per minute
  • MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
  • Robust and industrial design 
  • Low maintenance costs


AMAPS 2019
AMAPS Close Up With Tray
AMAPS Met Producttrays
AMAPS Met Trays
AMAPS 2019 Side
Audion AMAPS Tray Sealer Amount Of Cycles In 1 Year

This makes our machine unique

We work together with you in providing the best quality packaging machines to help you grow your business

Exchange the mould quickly and safe

Exchanging the mould is very easy and can be done by an inexperienced person under a minute. This allows a quick changeover to different tray sizes and increases your flexibility.

User-friendly touch screen

Works as easy as your own smartphone. Store up to 50 recipes and benefit from the large amount of options. First of all to increase the efficiency and secondly to give you a better control of your production and minimize errors.

Hygienic film transport and storage

Film is stored in a closed container. Equipped with an automatic film waste rewinding system. This limits the chance of bacteria entering the foil which will be used to seal your trays.
Smooth surface with round corners minimize your cleaning time

Intelligent design for long life reliability

The AMAPS is industrially built, made of high-quality materials in Germany. It guarantees a high output of high quality sealed trays. Thanks to the user-friendly construction and the numerous smart integrated solutions in the AMAPS, you get the most out of the machine, without loss of time.


Unique patented MAP technology

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging? Modified atmosphere packaging, MAP, is a technology that has been developed to ensure that packaged food products stay fresh and attractive for as long as possible.

Where other manufacturers use a vacuum pump Audion uses innovative patented technology in order to create a Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

This means that the AMAPS is not limited to the weak aspects of the vacuum pump. Adding more than 80% oxygen to your red meat in order to preserve the nice red color for a better presentation to the end-user? No problem, the AMAPS can pack this without modification, not special maintenance. Just select the recipe and press the green button.

Besides the 3 times higher output which can be reached this unique patented MAP technology has several other benefits.

To sum up:

  • Ensuring the best possible flavour and cell structure of your meals which results in the better presentation of your product
  • No explosion risk when a high oxygen percentage is required (red meat). 
  • Environmentally friendly, no use of oil
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ergonomic, low sound level

The ideal introduction to professional vacuum packaging of pre-fabricated trays.



The Audion AMAPS gives you the following benefits

Very fast cycle:
3 times faster than competitors.
Registered patent for MAP:
Without pulling vacuum but blowing gas.
Extension of shelf life:
Without harming cell structure and flavor of your product.
Low percentage of oxygen left:
Only 0,1 % residual oxygen left in tray.
Filter regulator:
For humidity, protecting pneumatics.
Exchange the mould quickly and safe.
User-friendly touchscreen:
Easy and safe controle.
Reliable packaging results:
Easily cover small to medium packaging requirements.
Built in safety features:
Emergency stop button.

Explore our options

Customize your AMAPS to your needs

Multiple sealheads

The AMAPS tray sealer is available with different moulds. Suitable for different types of trays. Tray, cup, oval or triangle size the Audion AMAPS is the tray sealer which can do the job.


When you are working with pre-printed film the photocell makes sure that each print is correctly positioned on the tray.

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Do you want to know what the Audion AMAPS can offer for your company? Please feel free to contact us as we are looking forward to explore together which packing solutions benefit you most

International Sales

International Sales

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