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EL-Matic 24

High-speed automatic L-sealer with high-quality performance

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The Audion EL-Matic 24 L-sealer delivers performance and speed to a broad range of products and industries. With an output of up to 3000 packs/  hour this L-sealer is designed for manufacturers with high product volumes who require a stable packing line. Controlled via an accurate PLC which allows the operator to set different sealing times, temperature and also the length of film that is to be used. You even have the possibility to program 20 different work cycles. All to create maximum production output and customers satisfaction.


The seal head is shaped like an “L” and uses heat to seal the film layers together, creating a bag around the product being sealed. After the product is sealed, it can eventually be moved along the conveyor towards a shrink tunnel. Heat will then apply to the bags resulting in shrinking and tightening of the film. This will provide a strong, high clarity, protection and professional presentation of your product

The Audion EL-Matic 24 automatic L-sealer helps to automate your sealing process, leading to:

    • Increased productivity
    • Increased efficiency
    • Professional packing results
    • Higher protection grade
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This makes our machine unique

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Safety first

Employees are one of your most valuable assets. Working on a safe way is important to guarantee your workers safety. Audion uses the most modern technology in order to safeguard this. Emergency button, PTFE-coated sealing blades and safety features are built in as a standard.

Use different materials

Compared to the traditional L-sealers, the Audion EL-Matic 24 provides first of all a higher output as well as the possibility of using Polyethylene film, besides the traditional shrink films.

Operate it like your smartphone

The LCD screen makes the control of the Audion EL-Matic 24 as easy as your smartphone. Prevents the operator from spending time in the manual. The unique motor driver module ensures reliable and real-time communication with the processor of the Audion EL-Matic 24. Which results in more efficient, safe and effective packing.

Simple and precise control of all the machine operations

The Audion EL-Matic 24 is designed to pack as effectively as possible. Not only regarding speed it outsmarts the competition but also regarding flexibility. Switch quickly and safely from packing one product to another product with a different size or shape. Process statistics to make sure your are on track.

Innovative L-sealer

This Automatic L-sealer of Audion is built to meet up with today’s packing requirements.

The machine's characteristics are:

  • Motorized sealing bar controlled by inverter and encoder
  • Motorized conveyor closing system controlled by inverter included
  • PTFE-coated sealing blade
  • Continuous cycle sealing
  • Modular power section made up by: inverter for all motors. IN/OUT (inlet/outlet) digital and analog control modules
  • This system allows a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as:
    • possibility of storing up to 20 different operation programs
    • automatic control of the sealing bar height
    • double adjustment of the sealing blade temperature, both lengthways and broadways
    • sealing time adjustment
    • possibility of packing single packs or multipacks
    • speed of conveyors electronically adjustable from the control panel
    • process statistics


The Audion EL-Matic 24 gives you the following benefits

Very fast cycle
Up to 3000 packs per hour.
Possibility of packing single packs or multipacks.
Easy operation with touchscreen control system
All parameters can be set separately.
Automated sealing
Continuous cycle sealing.
Motorized systems
Sealing bar and conveyors controlled by inverter and encoder.
Large film choice
Now also suitable with polyethylene film.
User-friendly touchscreen
Easy and safe control.
Built-in safety features
Emergency stop button.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the El-Matic 24 with Audion film

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Shrink tunnel

For a strong, high clarity, protection and professional presentation of your product. The tunnel has a heating element that heats the products as they move through the machine. Your products are conveyed through the tunnel and are cloaked with loosely fitting shrink film. When your products move past the heating elements, the film shrinks uniformly around the items as they are exposed to the heat.


With the Audion conveyors you can easily move your product to the Audion EL-Matic 24. The conveyor can be adjusted according the size and shape of your product to have as smooth as possible process. This will increase your production efficiency and effect the output in a positive way

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Do you want to know what the Audion EL-Matic 24 can offer for your company? Please feel free to contact us as we are looking forward to exploring together which packing solutions benefit you most

International Sales

International Sales

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