Professional packaging machines for coffee packing

What features of packaging are important for the larger coffee shops, roasters and distributors? We previously wrote an article about packaging machines for smaller coffee sellers and roasters; in this article, we are taking a look at the requirements of the larger parties in coffee packaging and what the equipment provided by Audion Packaging Machines can mean for them. What requirements are imposed on a packaging machine if you want to handle 30 to 100 packs an hour? And how is the choice of a packaging machine affected by the brand perception, image and quality? Read more about it in this article.


The image of the coffee packaging plays a major role in the choice of packaging machinery

Whereas the artisanal image plays a key role in the brand perception for a small coffee shop or coffee roaster, the focus for a larger shop, roaster or distributor is in fact on consistency and professionalism. The same professional seal and appearance for every single pack. This group of coffee processors choose a more luxurious look and use different packaging materials to that end. It is a choice that affects the choice of packaging machine in various ways.

“The same professional seal and appearance for every single pack. ”

For a more luxurious appearance, aluminium packaging is often used. This material is thicker and often consists of several layers. As a result, more heat is needed for sealing on the one hand, and the seal has to be larger on the other. A smaller seal closes the pack off just as well as a larger one, but the residual packaging above the seal will often open up a little. This has no effect on the product but it does affect the appearance. The packaging looks less neat and tidy and although dust cannot get into the coffee, it can be seen on the packaging where what is essentially a groove has been left. This is not desirable and so a wider seal is then a popular choice. Many shops also choose a seal that is tight up against the top edge of the packaging. This kind of sealed pack demands a packaging machine that generates more heat than a manual sealer, for example.

Higher-capacity packaging machines with attractive pricing

In addition to the other requirements imposed on the exterior of the packaging, this group within the coffee sector features larger quantities of coffee being processed than is the case for smaller coffee roasters and sellers. For this group, continuous sealers are therefore a good option, as these machines allow larger numbers of packs to be processed more quickly.

Additional benefits of this type of equipment from Audion Packaging Machines include the option of adding an expiry date in the seal. If you are selling to a supermarket, for example, a ‘best before’ date on the packaging is mandatory. Audion Packaging Machines make this possible for relatively low cost by combining sealing and printing of the ‘best before’ date in a single machine. These packaging machines heat the packing material, after which a roller is used to impress a profile into the seal. The machine can press the expiry date into the package seal in the same way.

Spotlight on a packaging machine for coffee packs: the LAMINO 301 LM

The Lamino packaging machine is extremely well suited for bags of coffee beans or ground coffee. Watch video Lamino 301 LM

Why choose this machine?

The machine can either be operated by a foot pedal or used in automatic mode. This means that you have both hands free to make sure that the packaging of the coffee goes smoothly.

Extra options

In addition to the standard version of the Lamino, it is also possible to buy the machine with a Codeseal. This allows a mixture of 12 digits and hyphens to be impressed into the seal, thereby showing the ‘best before’ date.
Additionally, we offer a solution for increasing the efficiency, with an adjustable table to put the bags of ground coffee or beans on for sealing.If you would like more information about this coffee packaging machine, please visit this page.

Quality and service

At Audion Packaging Machines, we provide a constant level of quality: every machine is made from materials that comply with European legislation. This is what makes us different from the cheaper manual sealers that are offered on the market. And the fact that we’re able to guarantee a constant level of quality is the reason why we therefore offer service worldwide!

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