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Seal check fluid

Dye penetration test to check integrity of the seal

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Betrayer of the smallest seal imperfection

A blue liquid to investigate any channel or open seal.

The liquid is equally spread inside the bag along the entire length of the seal.

A dye penetration test according to ISO 11607-1 and ASTM F1929 (to investigate on any seal channels or open seals). 

The dye penetration test is performed according to ASTM FI929. 

  • Conforms to the industry requirements
  • If no penetration within 20 seconds the seal check has passed
  • If a channel in the seal is detected the seal check has failed
  • Fast, safe and easy to use

Seal Verification

Discover how Audion can support you in Seal Integrity Tests & Calibration services

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International Sales

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