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Vertical Form Fill Seal

Audion vertical form fill seal machine, robust design and construcetd from high quality components

AVM 190

AVM 190

Compact vertical form fill and seal machine producing bags from flat film at high speed

  1. Type of machine: Floor standing
  2. Seal length (min-max): 50-190 mm (mag width); 50-300 mm (bag length)
  3. Type of film: Flat film
  4. Cycling speed: up to 100 bags/min
  5. Bag length (min-max): 50-300 mm
  6. Powered: Pneumatic air
Conveyor ATBI

Conveyor ATBI

Audion intermittent discharge conveyor belt

  1. Type of machine: Conveyor belt
  2. Type of belt: Blue belt + dividers (food grade)
  3. Adjustable inclination: Yes, max 900 mm
  4. Side guidance: Yes, optional
  5. Conveyor speed Adjustable from 8 m/min to 22 m/min
Optimizer with conveyor system

Optimizer with conveyor system

Convenient sorting table combined with an infeed conveyor fitted with deviders