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Hero Visorrmasks

Packing visor masks

Packaging visor masks for the healthcare industry, used for the battle against COVID-19.

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Videostill Visor Masks

battle against COVID-19

Customer profile:
This reference is from our customer in the UK, a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) to the National Health Service (NHS). With this shrink packaging machine they are packaging visor masks for the healthcare industry, used for the battle against COVID-19.

Initially, they were packing manually in zip bags, and with the CS Matic 100 system they have increased their packaging capacity to 25 bags per minute. The maximum output of this machine is up to 50 bags per minute, depending on the bag sizes. The easy infeed method, makes this solution extremely suitable for this specific project. Optionally, a shrinking tunnel can be added at the end of the line to nicely shrink the film.

Thanks to the solutions of Audion we can pack 400.000 visor masks per week safe and efficient.
NHS National Health Service
Nhs (1)
Csmatic Side Left
CS Matic TE Matic Aanvoerband Combi
ACC 2000 4 F
EM 3
AC 2000 4

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