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Original Audion films for every application. Guaranteed performance, availability and fixed prices – Get the most out of your packaging solution

Verfügbar im Webshop Audion SpeedBags®

Audion SpeedBags®

Pre-opened bags on roll suitable for automatic bagging available in various sizes.

  1. Suitable for: Speedpack Tabletop, Speedpack 400 series, Speedpack 550 series
Verfügbar im Webshop Tubular film

Tubular film

A wide range of tubular film suitable for manual and automatic packaging machines.

  1. Suitable for: Sealkid, Magneta, Ecosealer, Sealboy, Pandyno, ISM, Speedpack (integrated cutting device needed)
Verfügbar im Webshop Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags

A wide variety of vacuum bags to protect products and extend shelf life.

  1. Suitable for: Audionvac vacuum chambers, Vacuum Power Sealers
Verfügbar im Webshop Polyolefin shrink film

Polyolefin shrink film

Centre folded polyolefin shrink film, offering high clarity for professional finish of your product.

  1. Suitable for: All Audion L-Sealers, I-sealer and Shrink packers
Verfügbar im Webshop Polythene LDPE bags

Polythene LDPE bags

Medium strength bags for versatile packaging applications, product bundling, or product protection.

  1. Suitable for: Sealkid, Magneta, Sealboy, GPS sealer, Ecosealer, ISM, 150 P, Super Poly, Pronto, Audion Bandsealers
Verfügbar im Webshop GPS Fresh bags

GPS Fresh bags

Transparent, crystal clear polyprolylene bags, suitable for packing fresh food products.

  1. Suitable for: GPS Sealer, Sealkid, Sealboy, Magneta, Ecosealer, 150 P, Super Poly, Pronto
Verfügbar im Webshop Audion Medical paper rolls

Audion Medical paper rolls

Medical paper tubular film for medical packaging. Suitable for steam sterilisation.

  1. Suitable for: Medical Heatsealer 300 MHS, Speedpack Medical Highspeed
Verfügbar im Webshop Stretch film

Stretch film

Stretch film from roll, to easily wrap your products laying on a tray

  1. Suitable for: ASW 450