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Privacy policy

Privacy policy Audion Packaging Machines 

Audion Packaging Machines

Audion Elektro B.V. in Weesp, Audion Elektro GmbH in Kleve, Audion Elektro Ltd. in Derby and Audion Maschinenbau GmbH in Kleve, henceforth be known as Audion Packaging Machines (=APM) respects the privacy of its business relations and the users of its products and services. APM only processes personal data insofar as necessary for the proper provision of its services. You can find more information on the manner in which we protect your privacy in our privacy notice.

APM does not provide any personal data to third parties, unless this is required by law or unless the person whose data are processed grants his or her permission to do so.

If APM engages external service providers in the performance of its tasks, APM will require these external service providers and/or processors to equally comply with the statutory framework concerning the protection of personal data.

APM ensures the proper protection of all personal details by taking appropriate organisational measures and by using modern, technical IT facilities.

APM has designated internally a Privacy Officer for the independent supervision on the protection of personal data. You can contact him via privacy@audion.com or through phone number 00 31 294 491717.

If changes are made to our privacy notice, we will publish the changed notice on our website.

PRIVACY NOTICE Audion Packaging Machines

APM processes your personal data carefully, ensuring appropriate security and confidentiality of your data. We feel that it is important that you trust our organisation. That is why we want to do everything possible to protect your privacy. The rules regarding the protection of your privacy are set out in the General Data Protection Regulation, whereas the Dutch Data Protection Agency has been designated to supervise compliance with the law. APM acts within the statutory framework.


Structure of the privacy notice

In this document, it is explained what personal data we process and for what purposes we process them. It is also explained for what services we process the data and on what legal basis we are allowed to process them. The sharing of data with other parties is dealt with, as well as the processing of personal data outside the EU. The protection of personal data is discussed, together with the retention periods. Finally, a section has been added on the rights that you have and the possibility to submit a complaint or to contact APM.


Who is the controller?

Audion Elektro B.V. in Weesp, the Netherlands (Hogeweyselaan 235, 1382 JL), Audion Elektro GmbH in Kleve, Germany (Karl-Kisters-Strasse 8, 47533), Audion Elektro Ltd. in Derby, UK (18, Victoria Way, DE24 8AN) and Audion Maschinenbau GmbH in Kleve, Germany (Karl-Kisters-Strasse 8, 47533), henceforth be known as Audion Packaging Machines (=APM) is the controller with regard to the processing of personal data.


Who is the Data Protection Officer (DPO) / Privacy Officer (PO)?

Given that APM is not a government or public organization which does not have the tracking of individuals as its core activity, nor the largescale processing of special or criminal data, APM has opted not to appoint a FG but a PO who can be reached via privacy@audion.com or by phone via 00 31 294 491717.


What are personal data?

Personal data are all data that can be traced back to individual persons. Examples are your name, address, phone number and account number, just like photographs and biometric data.


Are you obliged to provide personal data?

Sometimes we are under a statutory obligation to retain or provide your personal data, for instance such as your data on an invoice when you are a customer or supplier of us.

In many cases, it is necessary to use certain personal data in order to be able to provide you with the service or product that you purchase from us. In that case, the use of your data is necessary to be able to perform the contract or to enter into the contract.

In these cases, you are obliged to provide us with data because otherwise, we cannot comply with our statutory and/or contractual obligations.


Data collected by others?

APM does collect data originating from third parties. This occasionally occurs with data from customers that are given to us via our dealers. This is only the case if there is a reason to do so, such as complicated, technical questions that the customer prefers to be answered by the manufacturer directly.

Personal data can be divided into categories. We use the following categories of personal data:

Category of personal data Explanation
Customer data in SAP This concerns the name, address and contact details in order to be able to contact the customer. Historical transactions related to invoice payments (but not credit card details)
Customer data in Windows Office This concerns the email addresses because of existing email contact. Historical transactions related to invoice payments (but not credit card details)
Customer data in files This concerns the name, address and contact details in order to check information. Historical transactions related to invoice payments (but not credit card details)
Suppliers data in SAP This concerns the name, address and contact details to be able to place an order. Historical transactions related to invoice payments and account details
Prospects data in Windows Office This concerns the name, address and contact details in order to reach the future client.

For what purpose do we use your data?

We use the personal data mentioned above for the purposes mentioned below:

Category of personal data Purposes
Customer data in SAP To be able to make quotations and sales offers. Also or taking care of the logistical and financial handling.
Customer data in Windows Office To be able to send quotations, order confirmations, product information and information regarding shipment and payment instructions.
Customer data in files To be able to plan production orders and service when it comes to assembling standard and special machines.
Suppliers data in SAP To be able to request offers, to place orders and to handle the logistics and finances along with payment of invoices.
Prospects data in Windows Office To be able to send product information and quotations.

What is the legal basis for the processing of your data?

Legal basis Explanation
Consent For some additional products and services, we ask your explicit consent before we collect more personal data. This consent is requested through

1. Our website www.audion.com by means of a cookie notification. We hereby state which data may be collected and you can indicate whether you agree with it or not. For a more detailed explanation of this, we kindly refer to our cookie policy on our website.

2. Our newsletter and marketing materials. If you purchased something from APM in the past, we have your email address, company name and personal name in our system. In all other cases, we will request your permission before we send you our newsletter or marketing material.

APM keeps this consent for registration purposes.

You may always withdraw your consent by

Ad 1: On your own web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) by changing settings to refuse all or certain cookies.

Ad 2: At the bottom of our newsletter you can easily unsubscribe and general marketing material, you please send an email to privacy@audion.com stating remove. This will then be immediately processed in our system.

Contract APM makes use of a contract with customers and suppliers. Before this contract is formed, the customer is entered into our system. This will be regarded as the pre-contractual phase. The legal basis also applies to the pre-contractual phase.
Statutory obligation APM also collects personal data in order to be able to comply with its statutory obligations, such as the storage periods of invoices and tax documents.

Existence of automated individual decision-making

APM does not use automated individual decision-making, because this is not necessary for the provision of our services.

Do we share your data with other parties?

We do not provide your data, whether personal or not, to other parties unless this is necessary to perform a contract or to comply with a statutory obligation.

Are your data transferred to a country outside the EU?

As a starting point, APM only processes personal data within the EU. Since the GDPR applies within the EU, in principle an appropriate security level can be guaranteed at all times.

How do we protect your data?

Because the protection of personal data is very important, APM ensures that appropriate technical and organisational measures are taken so that the personal data cannot be misused or end up in the hands of the wrong person. We make sure that when we transfer your personal data to other organisations such as the processors, these organisations apply the same standards.

How long do we retain your data?

We retain your data no longer than necessary to achieve the purposes mentioned in this privacy notice.

What rights do you have?

APM feels that it is important that you are able to properly exercise the rights that you have under the law. That is why it is very easy to contact us using via privacy@audion.com.

You may exercise the following rights:

  • The right of access: you have the right to access the personal data that we have collected concerning you.
  • The right to rectification: if the personal data that we process are incorrect, you are entitled to have them corrected.
  • The right to erasure: if we no longer need your personal data for the purpose for which we collected them, you have the right to ask us to erase them. There are a number of exceptions to this, such as our obligation to retain certain data f.i. for the tax authorities.
  • The right to restriction of processing: during the period in which we determine if your data must be rectified, if the data processing is lawful or unlawful, if data must be erased or if you have submitted an objection against the processing, you have the right to apply for a restriction of processing.
  • The right to data portability: at your request, we must transfer all your personal data that we have to you or to another organisation of your choice. You may only exercise this right if the data are processed on the basis of consent or contract.
  • The right to object: In the event of direct marketing, you will always have the right to object.

Submission of a complaint to the competent authority: Dutch Data Protection Agency

APM feels that it is important to have satisfied customers. Even if we do everything in our power to make that happen, you may still be dissatisfied. It is possible to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Agency, if the protection of personal data is concerned. Complaints can be submitted using the following link:



How can you contact us?

Wenn Sie Fragen, eine Beschwerde oder eine Bemerkung haben, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte über Privacy@audion.com oder rufen Sie unseren Datenschutzbeauftragten unter 00 31 294 491717 an.

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