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TM 18L Shrink tunnel

Large double chamber shrink tunnel ideal for shrink wrapping larger size products or packingseveral small products at extra high speed (max. 29 m/min). The controllable shrink temperature and conveyor speeds guarantees an excellent shrink result and professional presentation of your product.

TM 18L Shrink tunnel


TM 18L Shrink tunnel

The Audion TM 18L shrink tunnels feature extra length when compared to our standard TM 18 model and are perfect for shrink wrapping larger size products or pack a multitude of small products at high speed. The extra shrink length accommodates an eventual longer shrink time at a faster pace for film requiring lower shrink temperature: ultimate flexibility creating the perfect package for your product/film combination.

Due to precise temperature and speed controls of the Audion TM series the Audion TM 18L double chambers  are perfect for shrinking a wide range of films, from the lightest polyolefin to the toughest polyethylene films.

Shrink tunnels like the TM 18L will mostly be paired with an automatic L sealer or side sealer. Pairing these machines is a piece of cake an can be done quickly. Resulting in a complete reliable packaging line communicating and cooperating well together, achieving the perfect package.  


The Audion TM 18L gives you as end-user the following benefits

Optimal control:
Adjustable tunnel temperature, conveyor speed and tunnel air flow facilitates the best shrink result for your product-film combination
Smooth in- and outfeed:
Tunnel conveyor with silicone coated rotating rollers
Black lighted LCD:
Makes settings highly visible and easy operable
Automatic cool down function:
For the purpose of the curing process and convenient handling at the end of the shift
Reduced energy consumption through good insulation
Multiple programs:
For easy variable adjustment setting and possibility of scheduling up to 6 different work cycles
Reduced power consumption
Made in Europe:
Built from high quality materials and compliance with CE regulations

Everything-under-one-roof, match the TM 18L Shrink tunnel with Audion film

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The TM 18L in action

Shrink tunnels are temperature controlled environments used to tighten shrink film around a product that has been applied by an L sealer or side sealer. The conveyor system moves packages through the shrink tunnel, allowing for an equally distributed application of heat.

The Audion TM 18L shrink tunnel is the bigger brother of the TM 18 shrink tunnel and has a double chamber facilitating extra length and extra time for shrinking the product. This makes the TM 18L shrink tunnel the choice when faster packaging speed is required or larger products need to be packed. The double chamber allows more control of the shrink temperature. The special design conveyor belts are ideal for high temperatures, guaranteeing greater stability for the products and less wear.

By selecting the ideal bag length on the fly, material savings of up to 25% could be realized
Mr. Clem Scheffelaar Operations Manager Active Ants

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TM 18 Shrink tunnel

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