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Hero TM30

TM 30

Wide shrink tunnel built for performance and flexibility to boost your shrink packaging process

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High-performance shrink tunnel  for wide products up to 600 mm

TM 30 seamlessly integrates with the Audion L-sealer (L 800 SA). This shrink tunnel has high-precision airflow, temperature and speed control and is the ideal solutution for polyolefin and polyethylene shrink films. The extra width allows wider products up to 600 mm to be shrink packed at a throughput speed of up to 9 meters per minute to optimize your production output.

TM 30 minimizes heat loss to maintain a constant tunnel temperature. This reduces energy consumption and ensures efficient production with consistently high packaging quality.

The convenient and easy-to-use LCD control panel gives a complete overview of the unit's status and has the ability to program up to 10 pre-programmed settings to swiftly switch between different product batches.

To sum up:

  • Can be combined with the Audion L-sealer - (L 800 SA)
  • Extra wide design - can process products up to 600 mm wide
  • Ideal solutution for polyolefin and polyethylene shrink films
  • Highly accurate temperature and speed control
  • Convenient LCD control panel
  • 10 recipe memory


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This makes our machine unique

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Extra wide design

The wide design of this shrink tunnel allows products up to 600 mm wide and 300 mm high to be effortlessly packed with shrink film for optimal protection.

Durable design

The good insulation of this shrink tunnel keeps the heat at a consistent temperature and saves energy costs. This also ensures that the packaging quality is of an equally high quality.

User-friendly LCD control panel

The settings are easy to program on the convenient LCD control panel. By means of 10 pre-programmed recipes, you always have the right settings at hand to quickly switch between different product batches.

Flexible application

The accurately adjustable tunnel temperature, airflow and throughput allow the TM 30 to perfectly suit the ideal packaging conditions of your Polyolefin or Polyethylene shrink film.


The TM 30 gives you the following benefits

Optimal control:
Adjustable tunnel temperature, adjustable conveyor speed and tunnel air flow
Smooth in- and outfeed:
Tunnel conveyor with turning or fixed silicone-coated rollers
LCD control panel:
Easy to monitor and operate
Automatic cool down function:
For the purpose of curing process and easy processing at the end of service
Reduced energy consumption due to good insulation and smart design
10 recipe memory:
Ability to pre-program up to 10 different work cycle recipes
Made in Europe:
Built from high quality materials and compliance with CE regulations

All-in-1, combine the TM 30 with Audion film

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International Sales

International Sales

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