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Speedpack In Productie2


Speedpack Hybrid Order Fulfillment Packaging

The revolutionary Speedpack Hybrid Order fulfillment has been designed to meet the increasing demand for more efficient and more flexible packaging when shipping products in E-fulfillment industry. Using a sophisticated (patented) bag creation assembly, orders can be packed using lay flat tubing or pre-made bags on roll. This unique bagging system can change bag lengths on the fly to fit every order.

The result is a lower material cost, reduction in material stock keeping, savings on freight and enhanced consumer satisfaction.

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Théodore L. Todorov

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  • Two coding Solutions
  • A full solution for E-fulfillment packaging, including all options to optimize efficiency
  • E-fulfillment packaging main benefits
  • Discover all Speedpack Versions
  • Cost savings from integrating Speedpack Hybrid into your e-fulfillment process
  • Technical Specifications Speedpack 300, Speedpack 400, Speedpack 550 for order fulfillment
  • Speedpack versions bags on roll

Two Coding Solutions

Both printing solutions are integrated on the Speedpack Hybrid Order fulfillment and connect directly to your shipping software. This enables shipping and customer data to be printed in next-bag-out mode, minimizing errors in packaging. The ideal bag size will be made and simultaneously printed for the E-fullfillment shipping process. The easy-load bag grippers create a large bag opening for ease of loading. By integrating the Speedpack into your packing station, a proven increase of packing and shipping efficiency will result. Order data will instantly be transmitted to the printer and correct data will be printed on the bag, without additional human involvement.

Thermal Printer:

Printing shipping data directly onto the bag

Label Printer:

Printing and labeling shipping data directly onto the bag

Speedpack Hybrid 550
Speedpack Active Ants Vrijstaand

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Orderfulfillment Bags
Operator Speedpack Orderfulfillment


The Audion Speedpack Hybrid bagging system works with layflat tubing or with pre-opened bags on a roll (SpeedBags). This innovative design results in extreme cost savings on the poly bag, reducing overall mail order fulfillment bagging and packaging costs. The bag length can be changed to right-size the package for mail order fulfillment. Below are some more benefits:

Output boost
Output boost of 5 x compared to manual packaging
No film waste
No film waste: every order at the desired bag length
Easy Product loading & bag closing
Easy product loading and bag closing system, all within a few seconds
Connect your ERP system to printer
Shipping data directly printed on the bag: reducing steps in packaging process
Bag size selection
Significant efficiency increase due to bag size selection, film savings, labor productivity and reduced shipping costs

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Speedpack with Audion film

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Cost savings from integrating Speedpack Hybrid into your e-fulfillment process

Integrating Speedpack Hybrid into your e-fulfillment process will have a significant impact on your cost savings. Speedpack Hybrid simplifies the intervention of human labor within your e-fulfillment packaging process. Further, considerable savings can be made on material and shipping costs.

Labor Cost Saving

By integrating Speedpack Hybrid huge savings can be generated compared to manual packaging: no manual packing of LDPE envelopes or carton boxes, no manual labeling with shipping info, no manual opening the envelope or bag for loading the products, no manual closing and no manual discharge of the bag.

Material cost saving

Creating bags from lay flat tubing is relatively cheaper than using ready bags or carton boxes in e-fulfillment. Speedpack Hybrid even enables you to save an extra 20-25% of film material by selecting the proper bag size for each order.

Shipping cost saving

Due to the well-fit of the package, by selecting the correct bag length, packages will be smaller on average and shipping cost will be saved. Also, Speedpack Hybrid automates the labeling process which causes eventual human mistakes to be minimized

Benefits of using lay flat tubing in order fulfillment

Material savings: less material used per package due to right-sizing. Cost efficiency: lay flat tubing is less expensive compared to pre-made bags and carton boxes

Paper Bags - Enviromental impact

Production of paper bags requires significantly more resources than plastic bags. Paper bags require roughly 4 times more water than the manufacture of plastic, and produce 3.1 times more greenhouse gases. In addition to that paper has a limited lifespan because its fibrous structure breaks down towards the end of its recyclable lifespan.

Plastic Bags - Enviromental impact

Because paper bags are biodegradable, it is easy to assume that they are much easier to recycle than plastic bags, but this is not the case. For example, transporting 2 million of paper bags to a recycling facility will require 7 times as many trucks as 2 million plastic bags! The emission impact of this difference becomes massive in the long run.

Speedpack In Productie2

Speedpack versions bags on roll

For customers requiring a higher speed system, the Speedpack can also be constructed without integrating the bag maker assembly. This allows for an e-fulfillment packaging system exclusively using bags on roll.

Speedpack 300 Front
Speedpack Hybrid SP15005 Side
Speedpack Hybrid 550

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Watch the Video how the largest E-fulfillment warehouses in the Netherlands, where more than 6,000 web shop orders are processed daily, integrated an automatic order transport system with the help of the E-Fulfilment SpeedPack Hybrid by Audion.

Théodore L. Todorov

Théodore L. Todorov
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Discover all Speedpack Versions

Speedpack 400 Sacs en rouleau

Speedpack 400 Sacs en rouleau

Conçu pour un ensachage et un étiquetage à haute productivité, optimisant la main-d'œuvre et l'espace d'entrepôt

  1. Type de machine : Au sol
  2. Longueur de soudure: 50 – 400 millimètres
  3. Type de film: Sacs en rouleau
  4. Vitesse du cycle : jusqu'à 60 sacs/min
  5. Longueur de sac: 110 – 800 millimètres
  6. Alimenté: Air pneumatique
Plateau Speedpack 300

Plateau Speedpack 300

Ensacheuse industrielle de table entièrement électrique conçue pour un ensachage à haute productivité, optimisant la main-d'œuvre et l'espace d'entrepôt

  1. Type de machine : Ensacheuse, modèle de table
  2. Longueur du soudure : 300 millimètres
  3. Type de film: Sacs en rouleau
  4. Cadence : jusqu'à 40 sacs/minute
  5. Longueur de sac: 80 – 500 millimètres
  6. Alimentation: Électrique uniquement.
Speedpack 400 hybride

Speedpack 400 hybride

Ensacheuse la plus flexible et la plus innovante créant une longueur de sac variable, optimisant ainsi l'espace de travail et d'entrepôt existant

  1. Type de machine : Au sol
  2. Longueur du soudure : 50 – 400 millimètres
  3. Type de film: Film tubulaire/gaine ou sacs en rouleau
  4. Cadence: jusqu'à 20 sacs/min (tubulaire)/jusqu'à 60 sacs/min (sacs en rouleau)
  5. Longueur de sac: 50 – 800 millimètres
  6. Activation: Air pneumatique

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