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Our customer in this case study makes French fries from the finest potatoes of the moment, untreated and handcrafted. With a minimum of time and treatments between potato and plate. This means that the potatoes are cut, fried, cooled and packed the moment they come in. So no blanch, no freezing and no additives.

Audion PowerSealer 520 MV

The customer was looking for a machine to pack these fresh French fries in an air tight bag. The machine would have to fit in their production lane and had to be fast enough for the operator to keep up with the frying and cooling process.

Our sales team visited the production plant, to get a better understanding of the production process and the specific requirements the packaging machine would have to meet. They collected data about the speed, the percentage of vacuum, the seal security and discussed the budget and future plans.

Our sales team worked with the customer on this project and after testing they came to the conclusion that the PowerSealer Magvac would be the best machine for this specific application. The machine is made of stainless steel and therefore suitable for food packaging, it is a strong industrial sealer, producing a reliable seal, time after time, and the percentage of vacuum met the requirements. The bag width is 400 mm and therefore a 520 MV could do the job. The machine is placed on a support and equipped with a bag support to facilitate the packaging process for the operator.

Packed Product

The result is an airtight paper laminate bag, printed with logo and filled with fresh French fries. Three bags are packed together in carton boxes and delivered cooled in the Netherlands within 24 hours from potato to wholesaler or end user.

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