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Validatable VMS 503

XL validatable double-chamber Audionvac that offers a high level of seal integrity, consistent vacuum results and convenience

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Engineered to efficiently & hygienically provide your products with consistent solid protection

The validatable VMS 503 is an extra-large double-chambered vacuum packaging solution from the validatable Audionvac range. This floor model features an easy-to-clean two flat bed chambers that are easy to clean. The stainless steel swinging high lid and 2 sets of double seal bars allow you to safely pack larger items and/or multiple items per cycle for optimum efficiency and production output.

Unique integrated patented technology offers you full control over the process variables: vacuum/gas pressure, seal temperature, seal time and seal pressure. An alarm function automatically aborts the sealing cycle when a deviation in the process variables occurs during monitoring. All critical seal data can be recorded and exported to a PC for traceable storage/further analysis using a USB stick.

Vacuum pressure and gas pressure are controlled and monitored by sensors to guarantee the set required vacuum level is consistently achieved, thereby ensuring the safety, quality and extended shelf life of your products. 

The powerful bi-active and pneumatic 8 mm seal bars enable high pressure sealing for a wide variaty of packaging materials including medical sterilization pouches used in demanding industries that require utmost seal intergrity. Audion Validatable VMS 503 is compliant to ISO 11607-2 that is applicable to industry, life science, and medical sterilized device packaging operations. 

The sealing time starts counting from the moment the set temperature is reached. This prevents inconsistencies due to heat build-up in the sealing bars and ensures consistent and reliable seals after each finished cycle.

To sum up:

    • Double chamber solution for optimum efficiency and output
    • 2 sets of bi-active 8mm impulse seal bars
    • Adjustable parameters - To ensure high quality seals and a consistent required vacuum level each finished cycle
    • 2 easy-to-clean flat bed chambers and stainless steel swinging high lid - for larger sized items/batches
    • Equipped with user friendly touchscreen interface (ADC) with memory feature for 50 seal recipes and data export via USB
    • Alarm function with cycle stop
    • Various configurable options/accessories available 
    • Complies to ISO 11607-2 validation requirements for sealing

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Optimized efficiency

Dual flat bottom chambers and a swinging high lid provide the ability to pack large or multiple items in one cycle. You can package your products with double the speed of a single chamber Audionvac by preparing a chamber during the seal cycle of the other. The swinging lid is easy-to-use and accomodates medium to large (batch) packaging productions. A wide selection of options and accessories is available to ensure seamless integration into your packaging process and to guarantee your products meet the required quality standards continuously.

User-friendly Audion touchscreen control panel

The easy-to-use touchscreen display visualizes your settings and process variables to set and analyze. You can store up to 50 different recipes of process variables that contain the optimal settings for each of your products on the Audion Touch Techware control panel. Therefore, the right settings are always at hand to optimize your workflow and prevent production errors. This allows you to easily switch from one batch to another, control your production at a high level and increases your efficiency. 

Alarm function

This feature actively supports the packaging process by preventing errors and ensuring the required packaging standards are safeguarded continuously. Sensors activate the alarm function and abort the seal cycle in case the seal bars are overheated or when vacuum/gas pressure deviates. The acceptable tolerance can be set individually for each process parameter. Once the relevant parameter deviates from its set tolerance seal cycle is aborted. 

Cleanroom compatible

The validatable Audionvac VMS 503 is implementable in sterile environments and clean rooms by configuring the machine with a dry vacuum pump or by installing the standard oil-pump outside the clean room. To further ensure product safety, all data with the critical process variables can be exported and logged by means of a USB stick. The data content can then be transferred to a PC to be analyzed for various purposes.

Verification of process variables

The Audion VAL VMS 503 is a validatable double vacuum chamber that requires verification of all process variables on a regular basis. Audion offers a wide range of verification instruments that enable companies to verify their process variables. 

  • Available verification instruments include:
  • ATM (Audion Temperature Meter) measures and verifies the sealing temperature
  • ASPM (Audion Seal Pressure Measurement) measures and verifies the sealing pressure
  • AVLM (Audion Vacuum Level Measurement) measures and verifies the vacuum pressure
  • Seal Integrity Test (SIT) as a service which includes seal check, dye penetration test and peel test
  • Calibration as a service (incl. calibration certificate) certifies the preciseness of the process variables of the packaging machine
  • Validation documents:
  • Installation Qualification (IQ) ensures that the machine is in good condition and functionality, and is calibrated 
  • Operational Qualification (OQ) optimizes the machine to create quality seals with customers packaging materials


De Audion VAL VMS 503 geeft u de volgende voordelen

Maximum efficiency:
Double chamber solution with 2 sets of seal bars and low friction motion for optimized output.
Optimum hygiene:
Standard bi-active 8 mm impulse sealbars and easy-to-clean flat bed chambers.
The validation function integrated in the Audion Touch Techware ensures the highest accuracy of validation. It most precisely monitors and controls all critical process variables: vacuum/gas pressure, seal temperature, seal time and seal pressure. Tight tolerance settings make validatable Audionvac models unmatched when compared to other packaging solutions.
Alarm function:
Generates an alarm and stops the operation when a process variable deviates from the pre-set acceptable tolerance.
50 program memory:
Quick selection of the correct program for your products.
Soft air:
To pack fragile or sharp products without damaging the products and the bag.
Alternate vacuum and gas flush (max 5 cycles) in order to reduce the residual oxygen level. Supplied with gas flush option.
Vacuum pump:
300 m3/h vacuum pump for a fast packaging cycle.
Maintenance friendly:
Seal bars are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.
IP rating:
IP65 control panel.
Stainless steel easy to clean flat bed and high lid - for medium/large batch productions/product sizes.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Audionvac VMS with Audion film

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Validation documentation (IQ/OQ)

Installation qualification (IQ) and Operational qualification (OQ). Our team of experts will conduct multiple tests with different scenarios with your pouches to determine that our machine meets the required packaging standards.


User level registration, access rights and user registration can be protected by passwords to keep full control over the seal integrity of your packing processes. Includes: Personal login ID, password, and user level assignment

Label printer

Print important batch information and operator data on labels via a label printer. Once the content is printed on the label, the operator applies the label manually on the packed pouch.


Multiple vacuum and gas flush cycles before the seal production. Enables the perfect MAP conditions to preserve prestine product quality and protection.

Pump options for cleanroom use

The oil-pump is placed outside the cleanroom in order to avoid contamination of the sterile environment. As an alternative you can also replace the standard oil pump for an optional dry vacuum pump.

External exhaust

Via the external exhaust you are able to connect an additional hose which will discharge the contaminated air outside of the cleanroom. This feature is suitable for sterile environments in the pharma/medical industry.

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