Packaging machine purchase process in the E-fulfilment industry

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What is the ideal packaging machine for your process? In the purchasing process, we will coordinate with you what it takes to optimise your packaging process. The Speedpack Hybrid offers so many possibilities that we are happy to work with you to determine the right specifications. In the article, we will walk you through the different phases of the purchasing process in order to optimise your packaging process.

Purchasing process of Speedpack Hybrid in E-fulfilment

The decision to pack more efficiently and at a lower cost in E-fulfilment is taken by management, logistics managers as well as by consultants involved in process optimisation. We have been seeing growth in E-commerce for years and the Speedpack Hybrid is the ideal solution to deal with this growth in an efficient way. But at the same time, Audion Packaging Machines has increasingly seen its services already being requested in the design phase of E-fulfilment environments that are yet to be realised and is being asked to advise on the most optimal design of the Speedpack Hybrid.


The process of buying a Speedpack Hybrid is usually as follows:

  1. Account manager visits E-fulfillment warehouse
  2. Inventory
  3. Sales Engineers are involved in the process for optimal alignment with production

The first step is often a visit to the location by the salesperson. We then make an inventory of things like the current product supply method, we make an inventory of the systems they work with and we map out where any challenges lie. This visit to the location gives us a good idea of where the opportunities lie and enables us to configure the machines. After this inventory, one of Audion Packaging’s sales engineers may be involved in the process.

Customer-specific solution

In a follow-up meeting, this sales engineer makes an inventory of issues such as software protocols and connectivity with other processes and machines. Because we have gained a lot of experience with the Speedpack Hybrid in a wide variety of E-fulfilment environments, it often happens nowadays that the machine is already configured in such a way that it can be used in the environment without any problems.


After the inventory and configuration, there will be a quotation. If this quotation is approved, our engineering department will develop the custom-made packaging machine for you. The Speedpack Hybrid in basic configuration is in principle available in 6 weeks. The delivery time for a fully customised machine is currently about 16 weeks.

FAT Test (Factory Acceptance Test)

The purchasing process is concluded with a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), when we invite the customer to one of our factories and test whether the machine meets all requirements in the presence of the customer.


Audion Packaging Machines always devotes a lot of time and attention to guiding its customers through the purchasing process. By paying a lot of attention to this, we gain insight into our customer’s particular situation and ensure that they are able to use the machines in such a way that they perform optimally and contribute to their profit targets.
Audion Packaging Machines is represented in more than 65 countries. Our extensive global presence allows us to provide optimal service at all times. In practice, we have noticed that the Speedpack Hybrid proves its worth for many years in E-fulfilment environments, even under heavy loads, thanks to its high build quality and sublime engineering.


The Speedpack Hybrid was launched in 2014 and in 2016 the base of the machine was further developed into the machine we sell today. Over the last few years, Audion Packaging Machines has been finetuning the machine step by step. As a result, the machines we deliver today are extremely stable and, even at heavy-duty loads, are able to package products without interruption. We owe this extremely high level of quality mainly to our engineers, who have spared no expense in developing the perfect packaging machine. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that we have stopped working hard to further develop the machine or its accessories, which we will continue to innovate and perfect.

Want to find out what the Speedpack Hybrid packaging machine can do for you? Or wondering which specifications are right for you? Our sales engineers will be happy to get in touch with you, but you can also find all the specifications on our website.