Package medical instruments with validatable sealer

Could it be the ideal sealer for the medical and pharmaceutical market? The Power Sealer Plus 720 combines sealing, vacuum packing and validation and can be configured to meet all your requirements. The various options this offers you are set out in this article.

packing medical instruments

Powerful sealer suitable for high-grade medical packagings

Audion Packaging Machines offers a wide range of yet always high-grade packaging solutions for many different sectors. One of our main focuses is the medical and pharmaceutical sector, for which we are developing specialist packaging machines.

The Vacuum Power Sealer Plus 720 forms part of the new generation Power Sealer Plus series and offers our customers in the medical pharmaceutical market a powerful packaging machine, suitable for the most critical industrial packaging applications.

The Audion Vacuum Power Sealer Plus 720 is a tabletop model impulse sealer equipped with user-friendly Audion Touch Techware that allows you to store up to 50 seal parameter formulae. The operator has the ideal settings available for a wide range of products and packagings at all times, resulting in a simpler and more efficient packaging process.

Theodor Todorov, Head of the Life Science & Healthcare division at Audion, shows how the machine works in this demonstration:

Sealing and vacuum packing with a single packaging machine

The Vacuum Power Sealer Plus 720 is equipped with powerful seal bars and an integrated vacuum system, making it easy to vacuum pack or fumigate packagings in accordance with the stipulated packaging standards.

The Bi-active seal vars of the Vacuum Power Sealer Plus 720 are suitable for a very wide range of thick and/or special films, such as laminates and thick bags. The 8 mm seal is perfectly distributed across the entire length of your packaging thanks to the pneumatic closure of the seal bars, which distributes the pressure in a powerful and even manner.

Validation of packaging process

The Vacuum Power Sealer Plus 720 is suitable for validatable processes, to give you full control over the quality of your packagings. The machine gives you maximum control of various seal parameters such as seal time, seal temperature and seal pressure, making each seal 100% reliable. We will of course be happy to help with setting and calibrating your unique validation process.

Configure packaging machines according to your wishes and requirements

Create the packaging machine that meets all your requirements. In addition to standard features such as the user-friendly software, foot operation and large seal bar opening, the Vacuum Power Sealer Plus 720 can be fully equipped to meet the requirements and standards of your packaging process. With various additional options and configurable options, we ensure the optimisation of your packaging process.

Available accessories include, for example, support/motorised support of the height adjustment mechanism and horizontal/vertical machine angle or bag support. We are happy to discuss additional options such as calibration and certification, cutting options and cleanroom adjustments with you.

Certified packaging process for the pharmaceutical industry

Our validatable Vacuum Power Sealer Plus 720 is highly suitable for cleanroom environments and is often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries and laboratories.

Audion Impuls sealers from the PLUS series are compatible with and satisfy a wide range of standards:

  • EN 868-5
  • DIN 58993, part 7
  • ISO 11607-2
  • ISO/TS 16775

Want to find out more about the Vacuum Power Sealer Plus 720 and the possibilities for your packaging process? Theodor will be happy to discuss the challenges in your packaging line and consider with you how best to optimise your packaging process.

teddy todorov

Theodor Todorov