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Covid Vaccins


Packing vaccine syringes

Our customer in this case study is specialized in the production / supplying of disposable and reusable medical devices for anesthesia, critical care and operating rooms

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International presence in over 105 countries

Customer profile:
Our customer is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of manufacturing and supplying advanced medical devices. This Finnish based company is specialized in the production and distribution of high-quality rubber and plastic medical products. They are headquartered in the United Kingdom and the entire company has an international presence in over 105 countries through its appointed distributors and subsidiaries.

Their experienced in-house research and development team is supported by skilled engineers and designers. They are using the latest product development and manufacturing techniques to guide projects from concept through to clinical use. Their modern manufacturing facilities have a close control of all parts of the development process in order to deliver high quality medical devices or pharmaceutical applications for clinicians to use, that meet the demands of improving patient care. In addition they form a key player in the supply chain which now focuses, among other things, on combating Covid-19.

At the moment the company is already using multiple Audion machines to package their products safely and under strict regulations. They specifically needed a new packaging solution dedicated to their customers specific requirements. For their pharmaceutical customer they produce trays that hold syringes and shield stacks. These need to be packaged in large protective medium density polyethylene (PEMD) bags that will be used as a Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) barrier as part of the decontamination process for their new syringe fill and assembly line. The inner PEMD bags form the first part of a three layer bagging process.

Their challenge was to find an impulse sealer suitable for use in a cleanroom environment that could meet the strict packaging requirements of their customers within the supply chain. The machine had to be able to seal thick 750 mm wide PEMD bags (2×150 micron) and needed various options. Their most important requirements were: a cutting device to remove excess film, the possibility to vacuum package with two nozzles to optimize the vacuum draw point, vacuum level measurement and vacuum cycle skip/cancelation option, external exhaust of used compressed air, bag stretchers, enable to seal the bag within max. 25 mm from the product, calibration of the vacuum, heating and timing functions, and finally the ability to continuously operate 24/7.



Thanks to the Power sealer PLUS we've got optimal control of the critical parameters and production process,
Covid Packing Syringes
Covid Vaccins
VAC PSR PLUS 1020 Textimage

Insight into the solution

The high seal technology integrated in the Audion Vacuum Power Sealer PLUS 1020 (VAC PSR PLUS 1020) is suitable for use within a cleanroom environment and enables our customer to seal their thick PEMD bags effortlessly. The machine’s powerful pneumatic seal bars ensure a consistent high seal quality and a reliable straight 8 mm seal over the entire length even with intensive 24/7 use.

This validatable Power Sealer is standard equipped with the advanced and easy-to-use Audion Touch Techware (a touchscreen control panel combined with Audion temperature controller (ATC) that operates on Audion software). The stainless steel industrial VAC PSR PLUS gives our customer full control over the critical seal parameters (seal force, seal time, vacuum time and seal and cooling temperature) which allows the impulse sealer to be used within validated processes.

An integrated vacuum system with a powerful practically maintenance free Venturi pump allow their packages to be vacuum packed to the products requirements. The optional twin nozzle and vacuum skip function (VSF) options provide the requested optimized vacuum draw point and enables the vacuum sensor to measure the vacuum pressure more securely. The VSF option allows the machine to earlier abort the vacuum process when the set vacuum level has been reached. Therefore the customer is assured of a consistent vacuum package quality that meets the products requirements.

The used compressed air that is used for the machine’s pneumatics and Venturi pump is discharged outside their cleanroom with the help off an external exhaust that is connected to the valves/cylinders and Venturi Pump. This prevents contamination of the cleanroom environment the machine is operating in.

Our customer requires the seal to be as close to the product inside the bag as possible. To enable this request our engineering team reversed the seal bars of the machine, allowing the seal wire to be at the front and the rubbers to be on the backside of the seal bars. This enables the seal to be placed within 25 mm of the product inside the PEMD bag.

Special bag stretchers keep the bag tensioned, so that no wrinkles arise and an consistent seal can be made over the entire length. After the vacuum process has finished a cutting device removes the excess film above the seal minimizing the package volume.

Audion's added value to this case

Audion was the only manufacturer on the market with the possibility to customize/engineer a packaging machine in accordance to the strict and complex specifications the pharmaceutical company required. The customized validatable Audion Vacuum Power Sealer PLUS ensures them to care-free supply their products within the supply chain.

This validatable machine offers them optimized control of the critical parameters and production process, i.e. various secure user-level rights, storing and exporting data to a USB-stick, easily creating and adjusting parameter recipes, controlling and monitoring sealing parameters, etc.

All validatable Audion Power Sealers follow the standards of EN 868-5 and DIN 58953, part 7 norms and fully comply with the ISO 11607-2 and ISO/TS 16775 which makes this device suitable for strict cleanroom environment requirements that our customer applies.

The special engineered seal bars with reversed mounting (seal wire at the front and rubbers on the backside) create a consistent strong 8 mm seal over the entire length as close to the package inside the PEMD bag as possible. This results in a finished package with ultimate seal integrity.

Finally the machine, along with the integrated vacuum system and the various required options, packs their products with optimal protection, causing peace of mind during transport of their fragile medical products to their customer.

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