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Impression of Audion dealer training

Training dealers at Audion production plant in Germany



Audion Packaging Machines Hosts Advanced Commercial Training for Dealers

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Machine Training
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On June 19th and 20th, Audion Packaging Machines in Kleve, Germany, welcomed their dealers for the Advanced Commercial Training event. Over the course of these two days, the sales representatives from various dealerships received comprehensive training on selling Audion's range of solutions.


The attending dealers, predominantly from Europe and Asia, participated in a specialized training program tailored to the application of different Audion machines in specific market segments: Industry, Food, Healthcare, and E-Commerce. The international sales team from Audion showcased several key products, including the Speedpack 300TT, the D549 Bandsealer, the Speedpack High Speed Medical, and the Speedpack 550, highlighting each machine's unique features.


A valuable aspect of the event was the opportunity for dealers to share their experiences with each other, allowing for practical learning and the exchange of real-world examples from the industry.


The program also included a visit to the workshop in Kleve and an introduction to the newly launched Audion Dealer Portal, providing additional insights and resources.


After two days of enriching commercial and technical information, skill enhancement, and enjoyable activities, all participants returned home safely. They are now better equipped and motivated to convince customers of the benefits of investing in high-quality, high-return Audion machines. Our dealers and Audion are ready to assist you with your packaging needs.

Cheers! Here's to successful training and fruitful co-operation

The dealer training day was a great success and we are looking forward to our next meeting!

Cheers To Audion
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