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Quarterly - Eugène Tangelder

We foresee that 2024 is set to be challenging with likely moderate growth later this year. To me, this is still an after-effect of the period that saw challenges in logistics chains. In that period many companies played it safe and increased stocking positions, as was the case with our machinery and related products. At the same time, the opportunities that lie ahead are countless and I will address them in this Quarterly.

Web Afbeelding

Packaging with both film and paper on the Audion Speedpack 400/550

We find that a growing number of parties are actively exploring paper packaging, especially in the e-commerce and industrial target markets strategic for Audion.  The Speedpacks, meanwhile, process packaging with both film and paper. This has attracted a lot of enthusiasm. It allows companies to make the transition towards paper at any time without additional investment in machines or configurations. So the Speedpack is future-ready, whatever direction it may take in terms of packaging materials. The fact that we can fit this Speedpack with a built-in Thermo Transfer Printer helped make it a real crowd-pleaser at the trade fairs we attended in the first half of 2024. Until recently, we faced longer lead times, but these have now settled down and we can deliver the Speedpack in multiple configurations within days.

Validatable band sealers available

The pharmaceutical sector's packaging requirements are specific and must comply with strict regulations and safety requirements. The trend is increasingly toward digitization and traceability of packaging. In response, Audion provides advanced solutions such as the validatable D 542 Bandsealer, which meets the highest standards for medical sterilisation bags. This machine has comprehensive traceability features and a user-friendly touchscreen control panel. We already had validatable Powersealers and Speedpacks, but the addition of band sealers means there is a guaranteed solution for every packaging requirement in Life science & Healthcare.

New machine for Intel (Semicon)

We produced a vacuum chamber for Intel that meets UL and SEMI S2/S8 standards. The highly competitive semiconductor industry demands innovation and compliance with complex international regulations. The SEMI S2/S8 directives, drawn up by experts, ensure compliance with safety and ergonomic standards.

We take pride in the fact that our vacuum chamber meets this standard and has been approved by Intel. Not only did this make us a preferred supplier, but it also opens up opportunities with respect to other players active in high-tech.

The process for obtaining approval was a tense affair. Our initial approach was that we wanted to modify an existing machine but after six months of development, we found out that we had in fact created a new product.

Other issues to be highlighted

We see that the medicinal cannabis market is growing and we respond accordingly. We recently published an article about the partnership with BREEZE Collective to improve the packaging of medicinal cannabis. Another milestone is the fact that the whole Power Sealer line can communicate in a local network. For the Power Sealers to operate in a Local Area Network (LAN) is an important step towards an increasingly data-driven controlled environment. This offers the possibility of remote troubleshooting and/or software updates.


The Dutch industry including the packaging sector will have a year full of opportunities and plenty of challenges. I believe we will continue to innovate and serve the market together with our global dealer network and guarantee sustainable growth. I feel very confident looking forward to the second half of 2024.

Eugène Tangelder (CEO Audion Packaging Machines)

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