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Audionvac Vms 283


Audionvac VMS 283

Industrial double vacuum chamber with flat working plate and powerful 160 m3/h vacuum pump

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Superior double vacuum chamber

Durable, efficient and quality. These words describe this strong industrial double vacuum chamber. The VMS 283 offers a n excellent level of vacuum and consistency with ease of use. 

The two spacious vacuum chambers are constructed with flat plates, accomodating professional cleaning for optimal hygiene. The multiple seal bars in each chamber accommodate a high volume packaging output high volumes, even for larger products.

The Audionvac VMS 283 is available as a basic industrial model and as a full option vacuum packaging machine. Various options are available to optimize the quality of your product, depending your product's characteristics.

To sum up:

  • Fully customizable for optimized efficiency in every field
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Optimal production output
  • Guaranteed operational safety
  • 160 m3/h vacuum pump
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Audionvac Vms 283

This makes our machine unique

We work together with you in providing the best quality packaging machines to help you grow your business

High level of packaging quality

The Audionvac VMS 283 ensures the best and safest packaging outcome for your product. You can easily process a wide variety of bag materials and products. Sharp or with an unusual shape the Audionvac VM 283 makes it look easy.

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

The clever design in combination with the high quality materials makes the Audionvac VMS 283 a robust and durable vacuum chamber. The high level of flexibility, hygienic double seal and multiple seal bars garantee an efficient and high quality packing.

Ease of operation

When designing the Audionvac VMS 283 we placed our users at the centre of everything. This results into a professional vacuum machine, industrial grade, with an ease of installation and operation. Operators don’t need an extended training as the machine and the way the software is being designed speaks for itself – plug and play. Noise level and energy consumption of the Audionvac VMS 283 are reduced to a level hard to beat all in favour of the end-user.

Precise control system

What determines the perfect package? Control of the critical packaging parameters are the most important aspects in order to create the perfect package. Thanks to our control system this will be in hand reach of every company now. Intelligent options can be added to create significant value to your vacuum packaging operations.

Proven performance

The Audionvac VMS 283 double chamber vacuum machine has proven his value over and over. It doesn't matter if it is packing and storage of animal products (meat and dairy), confectionery (chocolate) and empty cans the VMS 283 can do it and will never disappoint you. 

Richly equipped as standard with:

  • Time control (sensor control optional)
  • Soft air to vacuum seal sharp products
  • 160 m3/h vacuum pump
  • Double seal (2 convex sealing wires)
  • Standard 2 seal bars front and back which doubles your packing capacity
  • 10 program memory
  • Maintenance friendly and easy to clean construction
  • Insert plates included for a faster cycle and product adjustment
  • 3 year warranty 
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The Audionvac VMS 283 gives you the following benefits

Maximum efficiency:
Standard 2 seal bars (front - back) for optimized output, different seal bar configurations possible.
Optimum hygiene:
Standard double seal (2 wires); convex sealing wires for safer sealing results.
Time control:
To set the time for vacuum, gas and seal cycles for a constant and guaranteed end result.
Soft air:
To pack fragile or sharp products without damaging the products and the bag.
Fast cycle:
Insert plate is standard included, to create a faster cycle and/or to create a better product positioning.
10 program memory:
Quick selection of the correct program for your products.
Ease of use:
User friendly digital control panel, plug and play.
Alternate vacuum and gas flush (max 5 cycles) in order to reduce the residual oxygen level. Supplied with gas flush option.
Vacuum pump:
160 m3/h vacuum pump for a fast packaging cycle.
Maintenance friendly:
Easy pump maintenance and cleaning program; Silicone holders are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.
Flat working plate:
Stainless steel, for optimized cleaning and hygiene.
High quality material, maintenance friendly and easy to clean construction.
3 years.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Audionvac VMS with Audion film

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Explore our options

Customize your Audionvac VMS 283 to your needs

Seal configuration

The right seal configuration protects products efficiently against external elements. Audion offers several seal configurations in order to fulfil the high demands of our customers.

Gas flush

Injecting a gas before closing the bag increases the product's shelf life, it offers extra protection and it prevents the product from colouring.

Cut-off or 1-2 cut off seal

Cut-off seal, to easily tear off the residual film.1-2 Cut off seal, same as cut-off seal but in addition with 1-2 cut-off seal the time and settings of the seal and cutting wire can be managed separately.

Heavy duty packing

Aluminum end blocks ensures an efficient and durable vacuum packaging process under the most extreme conditions.

External pump

The pump can be placed outside of the machine frame with a long hose connection. This option is for example very suitable to apply in a clean room.

Bi-active seal

Used when vacuum sealing aluminium or thicker bags. This seal system has seal bars on both the inside of the lid and on the front of the vacuum chambers, so the vacuum bag is being sealed from both sides of the bag


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International Sales

International Sales

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