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Audionvac VMS 53


Audionvac VMS 53

Most compact and powerful table top vacuum packaging machine with flat lid and a reliable 8 m³/h vacuum pump

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Robust, stainless steel vacuum packaging machine

This table top vacuum packing machine is ideal when you are looking for a small but powerful vacuum packaging machine. The Audion VMS 53 has the same size as the VMS 43 but is equipped with a strong 8 m3/h vacuum pump, facilitating a faster packaging cycle.

This stronger vacuum pump will increase your packing output and makes sure that the required vacuum level is reached rapidly.

At the same time the Audionvac VMS 53 is simple and easy to use with a straight forward digital controller.

To sum up:

  • Powerful 8 m3/h vacuum pump
  • Double seal (2 convex seal wires)
  • Flat lid
  • 1 program memory
  • Time control
  • 1 seal bar (front): 280 mm 
Audionvac VMS 53

This makes our machine unique

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Speed is king

The Audionvac VMS 53 has the same size as the VMS 43 but with a bigger vacuumpump. Ideal when a quick vacuum cycle is required. Providing more power than other branded vacuum chambers of the same size. The powerful 8 m³/h vacuum pump is not only strong but also durable conctructed of high quality materials.

Spend less time cleaning

We understand that you would like to minimize the time needed to clean your vacuum packaging machine. Therefore we created a special cleaning program that automatically does the work for you.
The easy to remove seal bars enables you to clean the inner chamber even in the most difficult corners.

Easy and controlled maintenance

Extend the life shelf of your vacuum packaging machine with the maintenance program. Keep your vacuum packaging machine in good shape and prevent errors.

Stored information is used to get an accurate status overview of the machine in order to act accordingly. Several alarms can be activated to remind you when certain maintenance programs need to be executed.

Plug and play

During the design of Audionvac VMS 53 we placed our users at the centre. This resulted into a professional vacuum machine, industrial grade, with ease of installation and operation. Operators don’t need an extended training as the machine and the way the software is being built up speaks for itself – plug and play. Noise level and energy consumption of the Audionvac VMS 53 are reduced to a level hard to beat, all being in favour of the end-user.

Quick, deep drawn stainless steel vacuum chamber

The Audionvac VMS 53 is made from stainless steel which gives it a strong and professional look and feel.

Standard richly equipped with: 

  • Time control
  • Double seal (2 wires beside each other)
  • 8 m3/h vacuum pump
  • Standard 1 seal bar (front) 280 mm 
  • 1 program memory
  • Insert plate for a faster cycle and product adjustment
  • Maintenance friendly and easy to clean construction
  • Deep drawn stainless steel vacuum chamber
  • 3 year warranty
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The Audionvac VMS 53 gives you the following benefits

Optimum hygiene:
Standard double seal (2 wires); convex (round) sealing wires for more product protection and safer sealing results.
Time control:
To set the time for vacuuming and seal cycles for a constant and guaranteed end result.
Fast cycle:
Insert plate is standard included, to create a faster cycle and/or to create a better product positioning.
Ease of use:
User friendly digital control panel, plug and play.
Vacuum pump:
8 m3/h vacuum pump for a fast packaging cycle.
Maintenance friendly:
Easy pump maintenance and cleaning program; seal bar is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.
Flat transparent lid, suitable for checking packaging process.
Stainless steel easy to clean deep chamber - for small sized packages.
3 years.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Audionvac VMS with Audion film

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Customize your Audionvac VMS 53 to your needs

Sensor control

Vacuum packaging machines equipped with Sensor control calculate when the pre-set percentage has been achieved. This guarantees a constant end vacuum of your package. Always. Especially recommended when packing various types of products with different volume.

Inclined insert plate:

Convenient for packing liquids and powders, such as soups and flour. The inclined insert plate accomodates that products are placed in an angled position, facilitating that the product stays at its place.

High lid

This option offers a usable chamber height of 130 mm which allows you to vacuum pack higher products.

Cut-off seal

Cut-off seal, to easily tear off the residual film for optimized hygiene.

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International Sales

International Sales

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