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Speedpack400 Optiweigher


Table Optiweigh Counter

Precise weigh counter system to create optimal workflow efficiency

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Audion SpeedBags®

Accurate weigh-counting with automatic discharge 

The Audion Table Optiweigh Counter is a semi-automatic counting solution for accurately weigh-counting small parts from 0,1 grams to be packed in bags by Speedpack.

This user-friendly infeed solution consists of a sorting table from which the product can be shifted into the weighing bucket positioned in the center, just above the bag to be filled. 

By weighing and counting a sample product the scale is programmed and characteristics of the product are stored in the operation panel. By filling the bucket the weight is instantly measured and the piece count is displayed. Once the required weight is reached, the bucket drops the products into the fixed hopper just above the opened bag and the sealing process is activated.



Available in two sizes of weighing bucket, depending your product size.

  • Sorting table with automated weighing bucket system
  • Consistently the correct quantity of products per bag
  • Easy operator access to operation panel for new product set-up
  • Ideal for products that tangle or do not flow easily
  • Safe of operation time: the next bucket can be prepared while the former bag is being sealed
  • Smart design for ergonomic purpose
Speedpack400 Optiweigher
Table Optiweigh Counter (1)

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Automatic discharge

Automatically discharges the products loaded when the desired quantity has been reached (no manual activation needed).

Ergonomic design

Smart design for ergonomic purposes: the operator can easily operate by standing or sitting on a high chair in front of the machine.

Hassle-free packaging

Ideal for products that get stuck or tangle together and are complex to count: the weights now determines the accuratet product quantity.

Short cycle time

The next bag is prepared during sealing of the former bag, saving packaging time while maximizing your output.

Table Optiweigh Counter (2)

Weigh-counting process


1. Product weight determination:

The operator defines the weight per product by inserting a defined number of the same parts in the bucket and using the panel functions.

2. Target value determination:

The operator defines the target value (how many parts per bag/ weight per bag).

3. Filling the bucket:

While the operator is shifting products into the bucket, the weighing panel shows the quantity of the product in bucket. When target value has been reached, the colour on the display changes from red to green.

4. Automatic discharge:

The bucket inclines automatically and the product is guided into the bag, the bag will then be sealed.

5. Next packaging:

The bucket is reset to the standard position, the Speedpack prepares a new bag and the operator starts again from point 3.

Table Optiweigh Counter (1)


The Table Optiweigh Counter gives you the following benefits

Accurate counting:
Weight based counting system - also ideal for products that get stuck or tangled. Smallest readable value: 0,1 gram (other accuracy on request) together.
Automatic discharge:
Automatically discharges your product into the bag when the desired quantity has been reached (no manual activation needed).
Ergonomic design:
Operator can stand or work in front of the machine or sitting on a high chair.
Optimized workflow:
New bag is prepared by loading of bucket, while the former bag is sealed.
Compact solution:
Your Speedpack will be positioned under the table, minimal floor space needed.

Explore our options

Customize your Table Optiweigh Counter to your needs

Bucket size:

A bucket size can be selected depending the volume of your products. BS3: Bucket size 227 mm x 168 mm or BS8: Bucket size 371 mm x 335 mm

ATBI Discharge Conveyor

Audion intermittent discharge conveyor belt to boost your packaging process

Working height:

The working height of the Table Optiweigh counter will be adjusted to our Speedpack. Our account managers will advise you about the possible working heights of Speedpack in various versions.

Product setup:

In our factory a test is performed with your product(s) to program the most appropriate machine settings for optimal packaging quality.

Table Optiweigh Counter (3)

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