Vacuum packaging and sealing of medical instruments

Worldwide we are currently experiencing the consequences of COVID-19. The Audion Packaging Machines that are used daily in the medical or pharmaceutical sector are therefore more relevant than ever. Now that we go out less often and stay in contact with many of our business relationships digitally, Audion is also adapting. In a series of three videos, Theodore shows you the options offered by our medical packaging machines. Are you watching?

Professional sealing equipment for the medical and pharmaceutical sector

Theodore is responsible for the Life Science & Healthcare division at Audion and therefore the ideal person to perform these demonstrations. All our machines meet the standards and conditions set by our medical and pharmaceutical markets. That is why our machines can add value to your packaging process, especially now that COVID-19 is putting more pressure on the medical world. Theodore shows you how, by vacuum packing and sealing a medical instrument as an example.

“We are in the calibration room at Audion Packaging Machines and this is our VMS 163 B. Our validatable vacuum chamber. This machine has bi-active 8 mm impulse seal bars as special feature. The machine is particularly well suited for creating a deep vacuum and is equipped with advanced software. The software allows you to control and monitor the various critical parameters in your process, such as the pressure in the vacuum chamber. These data can also be saved and you can give access to different users with various rights by using passwords. Our validatable vacuum chambers are available as a table model and as a floor model. ” >> go to product page

Vacuum packaging of medical instruments

Our packaging machines offer more than we can show in this short demonstration. Are you curious about our new generation of packaging machines? We are happy to tell you more about our various machines and the benefits for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Please contact us by filling out the contact form or by calling +31 294 491717, then we will think along with you the possibilities and opportunities for your packaging process.