Validatable vacuum chamber for medical packaging

Do you have complete control of your packaging process? In this blog and video, Theodor Todorov, Head of the Life Science and Health department at Audion Packaging Machines, takes you on the journey to our service department’s calibration chamber, where we will present our validatable vacuum chamber, the VMS 163B. In this article, you can read more about the specifications of this packaging machine and why it is especially suitable for packaging medical instruments.

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Very diverse validatable vacuum chamber

Audion Packaging Machines offers very diverse yet always high-grade packaging machines for a whole range of sectors, including our validatable vacuum chamber, which is available in a wide range of designs. From tabletop model to free-standing machine and from individual vacuum chambers to double vacuum chambers – the possibilities are extremely varied.

In this video, Theodor Todorov will show you a demonstration of the AudionVac VMS 163B and tell you more about the various features and specifications of this vacuum chamber.

Calibration and validation of packaging machines

The very high standards and requirements placed on safety and hygiene are typical for our customers in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Measurability of and control of the packaging process are essential for fulfilling these standards and requirements. If your packaging process is also dependent on strict hygiene and safety requirements or very high quality requirements, calibration and validation are two vital components in your packaging line.

Calibration and validation process

If you want to be able to monitor the various parameters in your packaging process, you will need a validatable packaging machine. The packaging machine needs to be able to measure whether the various factors such as temperature and power can be performed at the correct level, and the machine is only able to do this properly when it has been calibrated properly. Audion Packaging Machines offers various validatable packaging machines, such as our AudionVac VMS 163B, plus all the corresponding calibration services, to enable you to start work straight away.

We use your User Requirement Specification (URS) to investigate what the correct technical settings are, and we provide advice on your choice of hardware, software configuration and validation protocol. This is how you can be sure that with an Audion packaging machine, your packaging process is meeting the requirements stipulated by you and the market.

Features of the VMS 163B vacuum chamber

The bi-active 8 mm seal bars make the AudionVac VMS 163B suitable for creating a very strong seal on your packaging material. The 8 mm seal enables the machine to create a very strong packaging, which is more difficult to open compared to a 3 mm or 1.5 mm seal. The vacuum-packing process removes up to 99.9% of the air from the packaging

The vacuum chamber is also equipped with an accurate Audion Temperature Controller (ATC) and user-friendly touchscreen interface. The VMS 163B enables you to inspect and monitor the following process parameters in each case:

  • Vacuum/gas level
  • Seal temperature
  • Seal time
  • Seal strength

The packaging cycle is stopped automatically by the machine when one of the critical parameters exceeds the alarm limit. The seal data can also be registered and exported by USB so that the data can easily be used by various reports, statistics and audits. By using various user levels, you are ensuring that the right people have access to this data.

Want to find out more about the AudionVac VMS 163B? Get in touch with Theodor, who will be happy to tell you more about the specifications and various options.

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Theodor Todorov