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Active Ants was looking for a way to automate the labor-intensive manual packaging process of web orders.

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Largest e-fulfillment warehouses

Customer profile:
Active Ants is one of the largest e-fulfillment warehouses in the Netherlands. More than 6,000 web shop orders are processed daily. An innovative storage and order picking system is used to store products in a smart way, after which robots efficiently pick the products and transport them to the shipping department.



In order to achieve further growth, Active Ants was looking for a way to automate the labor-intensive manual packaging process of web orders. The packaging solution had to be integrated into the advanced automatic order transport system. Most web orders were manually packed in ldpe envelopes with adhesive strip or in carton boxes. The goals set were generating cost savings, increasing packaging output, enabling to cope with seasonal order peaks and create space savings.

By selecting the ideal bag length “on the fly” material savings of up to 25% could be realized
Clem Scheffelaar Operations Manager
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Insight into the solution

By connecting the Speedpack Hybrid to Active Ants’ advanced order system, web orders are now efficiently packed in lay flat tubing, allowing to select the ideal bag length for each order. The Speedpack Hybrid communicates with the ERP system of Active Ants and is equipped with a (label) printer that automatically provides the bag with customer’s shipping data. The Speedpack Hybrid automatically opens up the custom bag so that the operator can easily load the products into the bag. A packing list printer facilitates automatic insertion of the packing list. Finally the bag is sealed and automatically transported to a transporter’s container.

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