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High-volume packaging machines for coffee

Packaging for the larger-sized coffee shops, roasters and distributors

Packaging machines for the top-end coffee market

Our final article about packaging machines in the coffee sector takes a look at the options for those who produce large quantities of coffee. 

Which factors determine the packaging process and the machinery required for the purpose?

We examine these choices in this article, providing insights into the solution that Audion Packaging Machines offers for these coffee dealers: continuous belt sealers.


Efficiency and continuity are leading in the packaging process

As in every sector, time plays an ever more crucial role as production numbers increase. We see in the coffee sector as well that handling time efficiently becomes more important as the numbers of units packaged increases – otherwise it is simply impossible to package and sell coffee at a large scale. Continuity of the packaging process is therefore very important to our customers in this segment. Audion Packaging Machines offers different type of machinery for these coffee producers, in this article we discuss the continuous belt sealers.

The belt sealer is the ideal machine for processing large numbers of coffee bean packs. As the name says, the packages are placed on a conveyor belt and then sealed: using a conveyor improves the efficiency and continuity of the packaging process.

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Packaging machines for the top-end coffee market

For the top end of the coffee market, we would like to put the spotlight on the D 545 AV continuous belt sealer for coffee beans. This continuous belt sealer is perfect for packing coffee beans.


Why choose this machine

This machine is the solution for companies where the continuity of the processes plays a prominent role. This continuous belt sealer makes production levels of up to 1000 packs per day possible. Thanks to the ability to set the temperature, throughput speed and height using the digital control panel. For different bag heights the sealer can motorized be placed in different preset heights.

If you would like more information about this coffee packaging machine and its specifications, please use the link to the product page. The tabletop D545 AV is suitable for small coffee bags, 250-500 grams. For larger bags or high production speed we can offer the floor model D552 AVT


Quality and service

At Audion Packaging Machines, we provide a constant level of quality: every machine is made from materials that comply with European legislation. This is what makes us different from the cheaper manual sealers that are offered on the market. And the fact that we’re able to guarantee a constant level of quality is the reason why we therefore offer service worldwide!

Increase your productivity

Fast throughput speed, up to 20 meters per minute can be reached - boost your production.

MAP technology

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) or vacuum package can be created all with one machine.

Tailored it to your need

Customize it to have a 100 procent match with your requirements.

Products used for this solution

Available in shop D 545

D 545

Compact tabletop vertical/horizontal band sealer for sealing ready-made bags

  1. Seal width: 10 mm
  2. Throughput: 10 meter/minute
  3. Control panel: Digital
  4. Integrated printer: No
  5. Support stand: AV: Yes, tabletop support / AH: No
  6. Conveyor belt: Yes
  7. Max. bag weight: 5 kg
Horizontal band sealer D 552 AHS

Horizontal band sealer D 552 AHS

Industrial stainless steel horizontal band sealer for sealing of bags in horizontal position

  1. Seal width: 10 mm or optional 20 mm
  2. Throughput: 10 meter/minute
  3. Control panel: Digital control panel
  4. Integrated printer: Optional
  5. Support stand: Yes
  6. Conveyor belt: Yes
  7. Max. bag weight: 10 kg
Vertical band sealer D 549 AVTS

Vertical band sealer D 549 AVTS

Heavy duty stainless steel industrial band sealer, configurable for optimized integration

  1. Seal width: 12 mm or optional 20 mm
  2. Throughput: 20 meter/minute
  3. Control panel: Audion Touch Techware
  4. Integrated printer: Optional
  5. Support stand: Optional (mechanical/motorized)
  6. Conveyor belt: Optional
  7. Max. bag weight: 25 kg

Benefits of working with Audion

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Durable quality

Audion stands for world-class quality, we embed quality in every process
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