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Avm 200Paper Hero

AVM 200 Paper

Vertical Paper bagging, creating small paper bags at high speed

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Let's package a better tomorrow, today!

Pack your products in paper! Embrace eco-friendly innovation with our vertical form fill and seal machine, designed to deliver high-efficiency packaging using sustainable paper.

Reduce plastic waste, enhance your green credentials, and meet the demands of environmentally conscious consumers.

The AVM 200 by Audion is the most compact vertical bagger designed specifically for packing parts in small paper bags. This machine is your answer to the challenges of modern manufacturing, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Productivity - Capable to produce up to 40 bags per minute, this bagger significantly boosts your production speed while simultaneously reducing operational costs.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution - Supporting the use of paper bags helps minimize environmental impact. Additionally, the AVM 200 is constructed from high-quality components, ensuring a long lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements, further contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • User-Friendly Interface - Equipped with a cutting-edge HMI, the AVM 200 allows for quick settings and easy operation. With the ability to store up to 50 recipes and integrated self-help diagnostics, it optimizes efficiency and ensures reliable, stable packaging of small parts at high speed.
  • Compact Design - Standing at just 960mm in height, the AVM 200 fits conveniently at any workstation, making it an ideal addition to your production line.
Avm 200 paper

Why AVM 200 Paper suits your business...

We work together with you in providing the best quality packaging machines to help you grow your business

Seal the Future with Sustainable Packaging

Pack you parts easily, fast and with the planet in mind. The AVM 200 is designed to pack your parts using sustainable paper. Reduce plastic waste, enhance your green credentials, and meet the demands of environmentally conscious consumers without any compromise to efficiency.

Tailored to your needs

No packing process is the same, we at Audion understand this. The AVM has a configurable construction in order to modify it easily to your specific requirements. We bring almost 80 years of experience to the table ensuring you to find the best suitable packaging solution together with you.

Intelligent machine - Turn-Key solutions

The Audion AVM is often integrated into a complete packaging line. Our drive is to implement it easily and quickly into your current packaging process. We have integrated all kind of intelligent features into the AVM in order to make this as easy as possible. Not only hardware - but also software related, all to make the integration as smooth as possible.

Ergonomic & Ecological proof

The clever design of the Audion AVM 200 minimizes the film overlap in order to use the film as effective as possible. This results into a decrease of film consumption. The easy access allows you to clean and maintain the AVM easily and effectively. Both high volume batches as single products or low volume batches can easily be packed with the AVM 200. The optimized cleaning and maintenance features and reduced film consumption will give you great competitor advantages.

Flexible Integration

The AVM 200 can seamlessly integrate into a wide range of business operations, from semi-automated to fully automated packaging systems with robotic feeding.

Following feeding & discharge systems can be recommended:

  • Optimizer - Features a sorting table and conveyor belt with dividers for automatic product dispensing into the AVM.
  • Audion Discharge Conveyor - Available in various sizes to suit your specific needs.
  • Robotic Feeding Arms - For fully automated and precise packaging solutions.

Video AVM 200

Why Choose the AVM 200 Paper?

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, the ability to adapt and respond to customer demands quickly is crucial. The AVM 200 not only provides unmatched versatility but also reduces material costs and enhances production efficiency. With its compact design, user-friendly interface, and high-quality construction ensuring a long lifespan, it’s the ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their packaging processes and reduce their environmental footprint.

Experience the future of packaging with the AVM 200 Paper – where flexibility meets efficiency. Transform your packaging operations and stay ahead of the competition with Audion’s innovative solutions.


One machine for bagging a wide variety of parts coming in a variety of shapes. Compact & most sustainable!

High speed performance:
The powerful servo drive performs precise bagging at high speed, maximizing your output and ensuring reliability.
Audion uses high-end components and industrial materials, standing for a long lifetime of your machine.
Quick set-up and low downtime:
The special designed film reel holder accommodates a fast and easy film loading, ensuring a minimum loss of production time.
Easily integratable in packing line:
A wide range of optionals is available to customize your AVM 200 set up communication with in and outfeed equipment
Hygienic design:
Quickly and easy to clean
Small footprint:
Compact and sturdy design with a weight of just 150 kg, leaving enough space for other logistics.
Low height of the machine:
Less than 800 mm, meaning that product feed can be done manually or by means of a fully automatic dosing system. So easy to integrate.
User-friendly control panel:
Operation can be controlled by one integrated control panel, facilitating job storage , batch counters, statistics, log-in levels, up to 50 recipes.
Easy maintenance:
The AVM is designed and constructed to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance. Form shoulders and wearing parts like knives can easily be replaced to minimize downtime.
Quick problem solving:
The self-diagnostic info system ensures quick problem solving and minimum downtime.
The mounted casters facilitate optimized mobility.

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International Sales

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