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Speedpack Medical HERO


Speedpack High Speed Medical & Pharma

Next-level validatable packaging of medical devices & pharmaceuticals

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Audion SpeedBags

Ensure maximum seal integrity while increasing your packaging output

Speedpack High Speed Medical is especially designed to meet the highest packaging requirements for medical devices and pharmaceutical products where accuracy and seal integrity are of paramount importance. Integrating Audion's advanced validation seal technology!

The integrated bag maker assembly facilitates to right size the bag to match the size of your medical devices. Ideal for packing various products and saving material cost. Optionally a label printer or thermal printer can be mounted to provide a clear coding on every pouch.

Speedpack Highspeed Medical is constructed from stainless steel and suitable for cleanroom use. The cycling speed of up to 40 bags per minute using Tyvek® or medical-grade paper tubular film optimizes efficiency on existing labor and packing stations.

Audion's renowned integrated validation technology ensures full seal integrity, precisely monitoring and controlling seal temperature, seal time, seal pressure. Built-in alarm stop and data logging.

Speedpack High Speed Medical is fully compatible with international regulations and medical requirements, like ISO 11607 part 1 and 2 and use in cleanrooms. 

A wide range of features is available to optimize Speedpack Medical to your local requirements and add more value to your packaging process.

  • Automates the process of labelling, filling and sealing medical products

  • Validation of sealtime, seal temperature and seal pressure

  • Safety alarm function
  • User friendly 7"colour touchscreen with clear prompts
  • Reducing material costs
  • Optimized output and flexibility
  • Modular components for fast and easy replacement
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This makes our Speedpack Medical High-Speed unique

We work together with you in providing the best quality packaging machines to help you grow your business.

Atmosphere Protection

When packing in a cleanroom environment every particle counts. You have to take into account many aspects to ensure that your product is packed safely and in accordance with the imposed guidelines. Operating Speedpack High Speed Medical means that you fully come up to these requirements, as the machine complies with ISO, EN and ASTM standards, like ISO 11607-1:2020 / 11607-2:2020 / ISO/TS 16775:2014 / EN 868-5:2018 and ASTM F 1929. Furthermore, all machines built by Audion fully meet the CE declaration. Speedpack Medical means high-speed packaging for medical industries where accuracy and safety are of paramount importance.

Life Science Innovation

What will life science and healthcare look like in five or ten years? No one knows for sure, but what we do know is that our healthineers are always at the forefront of designing advanced medical packaging solutions, designed to be future-proof. Being market leader in validatable packaging solutions, we guarantee that our Speedpack High Speed Medical is designed entirely according to the latest requirements and insights, fully constructed with high-quality components. To give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Validate the Process

The validatable sealbars ensure that every product is safely packed under the same conditions, whereas all critical seal parameters are precisely controlled and monitored: seal temperature, seal time and seal pressure. This guarantees that each product will be safely packed. Above all, Audion has its own calibration engineers who can calibrate your validatable packaging machine periodically and execute IQ/OQ tests to  ensure full seal integrity according to ISO 11607-2 and ASTM FI929.

Maintain the competitive edge

Packaging in a medical environment is extremely demanding. Especially for high-value healthcare products such as medicines, medical equipment and test material for laboratories. By implementing this versatile high-speed packaging solution, you upgrade your packaging process to the high safety standard whereas optimizing packaging output and not compromising on flexibility. Start reducing your packaging costs now while maintaining quality, safety and hygiene.


Meeting the Requirements

For over 75 years Audion has designed packaging solutions whose modular design enables them to be customized as required. To cover all stringent packaging requirements and processes, using environmentally friendly material. 

According to the ISO standard 11607, all medical and pharma packaging processes must be validated.

Validation requires a reproducible high-quality sealing process which is what Speedpack High-Speed Medical stands for. Every seal is monitored and controlled, measuring the exact seal temperature, seal time and seal force, to guarantee that your product is fully packed meeting the stringest requirements.

Further, Audion offers an in-house calibration service, ensuring that your Speedpack Medical is always performing the same values. After calibration you will receive an officially accredited calibration certificate to prove the accuracy of all critical seal parameters.




SPK Medical Met Conveyor


Packing by Speedpack High-Speed Medical means the following benefits:

Validation of critical seal parameters:
Validation of seal time, seal temperature and seal pressure guarantee ultimate packaging safety of your products.
Bi-active impulse sealing bars:
A strong 8 mm top seal, fully validatable, ensuring the highest seal integrity.
Safety alarm function:
Pressure and temperature sensors trigger alarm and stop operation when the seal performance is made out of preset tolerance.
Particle filters:
The particle filters protect the packed product from airborne particulate matter.
Productivity boost:
Switching from manual to (semi)-automatic packaging means packing more products with less effort, while experiencing high-class seal quality.
Savings per package:
Using tubular medical film, you are able to create right-sized packaging, saving material cost and saving the environment.
Flexible film choices:
Suitable for creating right-sized sterilization pouches from medical-grade (paper) tubing.
Smart diagnostics:
A quick and smart problem solving diagnostic module helps to get you back on track fast.
Stainless steel frame:
For optimal hygiene and cleaning purposes the stainless steel frame is a fact.
User friendly color touchscreen:
Interface facilitating easy accessable recipes, batch counting, packaging statistics, log-in levels and a built-in seal-help diagnostics for troubleshooting. 50 Recipes can be stored.
Compact design:
The compact design, constructed on wheels to facilitate mobile flexibility, takes up minimal space in your packaging area.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the Speedpack High Speed Medical with Audion film

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Explore your Options

Customize your Speedpack High-Speed Medical. Audion offers a wide variety of extra features to be integrated in your machine to ensure you operating the safest and best quality packaging solution for your market.

Medical Sealing Options

Speedpack High-Speed Medical seals the most commonly used types of medical packaging films like medical (paper) laminates and other sterilizable materials. From our wide experience in medical packaging we will be pleased to recommend you the appropriate sealing system, such as 8 mm impulse seal, Chevron® seal or heat seal. Every seal can be monitored by the integrated Audion Touch Techware ensuring and controlling packaging integrity to guarantee an hermetically sealed bag/pouch.

Clean Air Inlet and Exhaust

Audion has extensive experience in working within strict standards to design and engineer packaging solutions relevant to the pharmaceutical industry. Our Speedpack Medical is compatible for operation in cleanrooms, guaranteeing a clean air flow within the machine and maximizing your indoor air quality. All air filters, valves, hoses and connectors comply to use in cleanrooms, guaranteeing full packaging safety.

Validatable sealing process

The Speedpack Hybrid can be equipped with validatable sealing bars (top seal and bottom seal will be validated), to comply with ISO 11607 part 1 and 2. In this way the critical seal parameters like time, pressure and temperature will be monitored and controlled. Logging files can be copied to USB. Above this, Audion offers their own Calibration Service, being able to offer you a packaging solution that fully complies to the most stringent requirements in pharma/medical markets.

Stainless Steel Cover

The body of the Speedpack will be in stainless steel (AISI 304/ V2A). While viruses and other contaminants might accumulate on the surface of other materials, the stainless steel cover of the Speedpack Medical ensures a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.

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International Sales

International Sales

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