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Audiocone paste prevents the film from sticking to the PTFE strip, prolonging its longevity.


Product information

Why Use Audiocone Silicone Paste?

When using your (Small) Audion Packaging Machine, the film is heated to create a secure seal. The PTFE strip, which acts as a non-stick surface, ensures that the hot film doesn’t adhere to the sealing jaws or other components. Over time, the PTFE strip can wear down due to repeated use and exposure to heat. As the PTFE strip degrades, there’s a risk of the film sticking to it during the sealing process. This is where the Audiocone Paste comes into play.


  • Enhanced Durability: The Audiocone Silicone Paste helps maintain the integrity of the PTFE cover, allowing it to withstand more sealing cycles.
  • Cost-Effective: By preventing premature wear, you save on frequent PTFE cover replacements.
  • Smooth Sealing: The non-stick properties of the PTFE cover are preserved, resulting in clean, efficient seals.


AUDC silicone paste is suitable for maintaining the PTFE strips of the following Audion packaging machines:

Recommended for PTFE strips of:
Industrial Sealmaster (ISM), Magneta, Industrial Magneta, Pandyno, Pronto, Sealboy, Sealboy Magneta and Sealkid.
The paste is applied to the PTFE strip, creating a thin, protective layer. It acts as a barrier between the film and the PTFE, preventing unwanted adhesion. By using Audiocone, the PTFE cover’s lifespan is extended, ensuring consistent and reliable seals. Reapply as needed based on usage frequency.

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