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161 B Shrink sealer

Clever designed single arm I-bar shrink wrap sealers. Suitable for manually shrink sealing all kind of products. Equipped with a sealing/cutting wire, which seals and cuts the shrink film in one simple and efficient operation. Maximum seal length: 430 mm

161 B Shrink sealer

Product information

161 B Shrink sealer

This compact single arm sealer is suitable for sealing small production quantities (max. 10/min.) in shrink film. It works well with all shrink films and consistently delivers superior strength seals. When both the seal and shrink are applied approx. packaging output per minute will be approx 4 packages, depending on the operator.

The 161 B is equipped with a seal/cutting wire, which seals and cuts the material in one operation. In addition, it is supplied with a heat gun to shrink wrap the shrink film tightly around your products. Using the positions on the gun and the included nozzle, the right heat distribution can be set. The hot air gun has a short warm-up time and features a flat back allowing it to be set down in a vertical position while still warm.

The 161 B shrink sealer offers a very flexible solution for small production quantities and requires less space than other shrink wrap solutions. This makes the 161 B I-bar ideal to use in stores, shops, offices and other environments where space is limited.


The Audion 161 B Shrink sealer gives you as end-user the following benefits

Ease of use:
Clever design, lightweight and easy to work with
Versatile in use:
Combines sealing with shrinking, works well with all shrink films
Ideal for small set-up spaces
Consistent quality:
Delivers superior strength seals
Works with standard household electricity so there is no need for special wiring
Adjustable Temperature:
Adjustable in 10 temperature levels to suit it to the film you are using

Everything-under-one-roof, match the 161 B Shrink sealer with Audion film

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161B Video Still

The 161 B Shrink sealer in action

This shrink sealer makes it easy to shrink wrap small production quantities. Ideal for use in shops, offices and other small workplaces. The film roll holder maks sure the film is in the correct position and unwinds smoothly. 

To produce shrink packs, the sealing section is used in combination with a shrink gun (Audion heat gun, included). Place the product on the 161 B, in the preferred packaging film (shrinkable film), and press the seal bar down. The round sealing wire will seal and cut at the same time which allows you to work as effectively as possible. With the heat gun you can shrink the film tight around the product to give your product a nice and shiny presentation and protection.

By using the 161 B I-Sealer with heat gun we are able to repack our products when being returned by our customers.
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