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Support for ISM

Convenient and solid support stand for mounting the Industrial Sealmaster (ISM). Enables to adjust the seal angle of the seal bars to seal voluminous bags in a more vertical position. Ideal for products where more flexibility is required such as packing larger items or in the absence of suitable tabletop space. Operating the ISM from a support stand means optimizing packaging performance and more ergonomics for the operator. Note: the Bag support table and Film roll holder need to be ordered separately.

Support for ISM

Product information

Support for ISM

The stainless steel frame is designed for sealing more voluminous bags in a vertical position. Besides it optimizes the workflow of the operator and increases the ergonomics. Solidly constructed which forms the basis of the Audion ISM and allows for various accessories to be added.

The ISM support gives you the following benefits:

  • Incremental angle adjustment - To operate both from a horizontal and vertical angle
  • Height adjustment - Create the best fit for an ergonomic packaging experience
  • Ideal when tabletop space is limited or when more mobility is required
  • Can be configured with an optional film roll holder to enable the use of tubular film
  • Can be configured with an optional bag support to support the bag during the seal process


The following options can be added to the ISM Support stand

Bag support:
The stainless steel bag support can be mounted onto the support stand and is adjustable in height. Suitable for ISM(S)(K) 420, ISM(S)(K) 620 and ISM(S)(K) 1020.
Film roll holder:
This film roll holder has especially be designed for mounting onto the Support stand. It enables to unwind the film roll.
This tool should be mounted onto the ISM itself when using tubular film. It prevents the film from rolling backward when the film has been cut.

Everything-under-one-roof, match the ISM with Audion film

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